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Author Topic: Kovid-19: How did Vietnam succeed in controlling infection?  (Read 1 times)


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 Despite having a border with China With a population of 97 million, Vietnam has just reported
more than 300 new strains of coronavirus and no deaths aloneThe last reported epidemic in the
community was almost a month ago. And now the country is starting to open
Kovid-19: Vietnam started to unlock After the outbreak control No dead
Vietnam War: A nightmare วิเคราะห์ผลบอลสด that still haunts the survivors

  Many experts say that Vietnam has started early measures to control the epidemic, so there
are not many people infected and dead like other countries, but these measures Even worth the
cost But there are disadvantages: intruding privacy and using a lot of manpower. And experts
say It may be too late if other ดูหนังออนไลน์HD countries will crack down on this success lesson
"Strict but reasonable" measures

  When you are faced with a horrible germ that you have never encountered before. It would be good
to deal with excesses, "said Dr. Todd Pollack of the Harvard Health Development Program in Vietnam
Vietnamese authorities are well aware that the country's medical system is not able to cope with
the spread even at low levels. Therefore choose to protect strictly from the outsetEarly January
before the infection of the country. The Vietnamese government began a serious action

  plan to deal with a mysterious pneumonia. At that time, the deaths of 2 people in Wuhan when the
first reported infection on 23 January from a man in Ho Chi Minh City who returned from visiting
his son in Wuhan. Vietnam issued emergency measures immediatelyProf. Guy Trivets, director of
the Clinical Research Unit at the University of Oxford in Ho Chi MinhCity Which works with the
government on the program to stop the spread of infection said Vietnam

 carried out a plan that seemed too exaggerated at that time. But later saw that it was reasonable
Kovid-19: Can the measures taken to help people from the corona virus become a permanent policy?
Kovid-19: Is there any evidence to support the theory of a new strain of the corona virus from the lab?
Kovid-19: England began research to find out if dogs can smell for new strains of a coronary virus.
Vietnam has taken measures that other countries may take several months to take shape. Both travel

 restrictions Closely monitoring border with China Until finally finally closing the border And increase
health checks at the border and other risk areasThe school was closed during the Chinese New Year
And remains closed until mid-May It takes a lotof labor to trace the infected people seriously.
"This has been the country that has been plagued many times in the past," said Prof. Tewes, citing
SARS in 2003 to avian influenza in 2010 and the widespread spread of measles and dengue.

  Both the government and the people are used to facing the epidemic. And understand the severity of
it well Perhaps better understood than many rich countries They know what to do in this condition
By mid-March Vietnam ordered everyone who traveled into the country. And anyone close to the infected
patients must be detained for 14 days. The cost of the operation is largely from the government budget
Although the detention center is not very luxurious But one woman who traveled from Australia back home

  in Vietnam said that She thinks Vietnam is a safe place. She told the Vietnamese language BBC
that Thefirst night of the detention, there was only one mat, no pillows, no blankets and a fan
in a very hotroom Prevention even in the absence of symptoms Prof Tewtts says that detaining
a wider level is the key. There is evidence that half of the infected people do not show symptoms
Everyonewho was detained was tested for the infection. Regardless of whether it is sick, Professor

 Thawet said it is clear that about 40% of people infected in Vietnam have no way of knowing that they
are infected if they are not tested"If there is a high rate of people who do not show symptoms One thing
to do is control the spread of infection. And that's what Vietnam does"he said and added that If not
detain those people They willgo anywhere and spread the infectionAnother reason why Vietnam has
not died from an epidemic. That's because most of the people who travel

 back to the country are students, tourists Or those returning from traveling to work This group of
people is very young and healthy. Have a better chance of fighting the virus And does not spread the
disease to the elderly That means that The medical system can devote resources to treat severe patients.
Although Vietnam did not order to close the entire country But absolutely handling the case of a group
of infected peopleKovid-19: ERA emphasizes screening is still important After finding 3 new infected

  Kovid-19: The longer you stay at home Why only feel more tired?In February, a number of cases
were reported in the Son Loi district in northern Hanoi. The authorities ordered to close the area
in the nearby area, which has more than ten thousand residents. And also did the same in the
Halo area, with no people coming in and out of the area until no two weeks of infection
were reported.If another infection is reported Measures to close this sub-area will be implemented
  means that Vietnam hasn't done enough for testing in large communities.
"At first, it felt as though this measure was high risk. But it turns out that
it works well And they can completely separate and manage the groups of people
infected, "said Prof. Thewes Clear communicationEven though it is a country with
a monarchy, one political party But the authorities must get the
cooperation of the people in the implementation of the policy.

Dr. Pollack said the government is excellent in communicating with the public. Why it is necessary
to issue these policies
Text messages are regularly sent to mobile phones to advise people to protect themselves. Take advantage
 of the propaganda policy to raise awareness. By referring to the time of war and using words to motivate
 people to fight together

The World Health Organization warns children of a new generation at risk and has a difficult future.
Corona Virus: How Facebook, Tik Tok, and other apps help to manage fake news
Kovid-19: Clear communication, understanding, and belief in science New Zealand's epidemic quota
"It creates a feeling that society goes together to eliminate enemies," said Dr. Pollack.
parable. Prof. Thewes concluded

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