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Title: ข่าววันนี้ 5 key takeaways from the 1st day of the public impeachment hearing
Post by: jaoflukenaja on November 13, 2019, 10:48:23 pm
This is a key point for Republicans, who contend that Trump can't be accused of personally
imposing a "quid pro quo" in his July 25 phone call because, they say, Ukraine had no idea
that military aid was on hold at that time.
The hold was reported by Politico on Aug. 28, and Sondland has previously testified that he
told Ukraine directly on Sept. 1 that security assistance was contingent upon its willingness
to conduct an investigation.
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By that point though, the military assistance had been frozen for several weeks and aides
within the Trump administration were scrambling to figure out why. Taylor testified on
Wednesday that it was already clear to him by that point that a White House summit was
contingent upon Ukraine's willingness to agree to an investigation.
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Taylor said he personally didn't hear from his Ukrainian counterparts expressing concern
about the aid until after the Politico article published. Other witnesses testified in
separate closed-door hearings that their Ukrainian counterparts had figured it out
earlier than that. The State Department's Catherine Croft couldn't give an exact date the
Ukrainians found out, other than it was "earlier than I expected them to."
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