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Title: How to give out! Carragher pointed out the mischief should not be red card.
Post by: jirapon on March 22, 2020, 12:38:52 pm

Jamie Carragher said referee Martin Atkinson made a terrible mistake to give a red card to Son Heung-min, who spearheaded in the mischievous pace that made Everton's Andrés Mésk Everton Injured while Tim Cahill and Louis Saha who had played with "Blue toffee" came and thought the same way
    Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher shows the belief that Son Heung-min, Tottenham Hotspur striker, shouldn't be shown a red card in the English Premier League match on the "Golden Spurs". Always invaded with Everton 1-1 at Goodison Park on Sunday 3 November.

    In the 79th minute of the match, Puck went to intercept the striker Andrés Gomes. Although it is not a violent interception But it caused Gomes to lose in the match with Zaire's full back of the visiting team. Along with resulting in Gomes to a broken leg, which the referee Martin Atkinson decided to distribute a red card to the South Korean striker immediately Because he considers him the cause of Gomes injury

    Carragher, who is now a guru for Sky Sports, the city's leading sports media, said, "It shouldn't be a red card. If only this is a red card then All interceptions are considered dangerous to the competitors. For example, when (Leicester City Hamza) Chuckri intercepted (Liverpool wing Mohamed) Salah at that time, I didn't think it should be a red card. Liverpool Jurgen) Klopp made it a big deal. "

    "I think that in the future If someone intercepted in a moment that they already knew from the outset that they didn't get the ball. It will be considered the next step in the game of football. Many people may not agree with it. But in the end it will be given a red card. "

    "I never blame anyone when people That went into the extraction process. Put on competitors Because there is a chance that your players will come in to intervene badly It's the next week. I myself had a broken leg. And I don't think Lucas Neil intended to cause me to have a broken leg. At the same time, I had done a bad extraction on Nani a few times before. But luckily, at that time, his legs didn't break. There are many players who want to hurt others. And all of us may have had bad interventions Have come together "

    Tim Cahill, a former Everton midfielder, believes that the South Korean national star shouldn't be fired. "I am also sad, like everyone. It's very unfortunate. In the case of this player (meaning puck), he jumped in And it's not that his legs will come in and cause the other party to get a little hurt. I like extracting like this. And I like this side (Interception) of the football game, I am very sympathetic to Gomes and also sympathetic to the puck. "

    While Louis Saha, the former spearheading French footballer "Blue toffee" doesn't think it should be a red card either. "There is a possibility that this can happen. It has nothing to do with football. Football is a game that requires physical contact. I'm not happy with this decision. "