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Title: Spandau Ballet, a radio quiz, one syllable - and a $10,000 riddle
Post by: FAHHHH on May 21, 2020, 03:57:42 am
When a Singaporean quizzer lost a huge cash prize - because a radio station said he mispronounced singer
Tony Hadley's name - he asked an unlikely source for help... Ten thousand dollars wouldn't change Muhammad
Shalehan's life, but it would make things much easier. Muhammad, 32, works on Singapore's underground railway,
and lives in public housing in the north of the island. He is married with three children - aged 12, three and
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two - and has another one, a boy, due in August. gets by, but he has loans to repay. So when a Singapore radio
station offered a $10,000 prize (5,760; US$7,060), he listened carefully.
"10k is a lot to a normal person like me," he tells the BBC. "That is why I put in enormous effort."
he Celebrity Name Drop on Gold 905 is hard, and it's supposed to be. The "name drop" is 14 celebrities, each saying
one word of this phrase: "Gold 9-0-5, the station that sounds good, and makes you feel good." To identify all 14, first
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time round, is impossible. You would need a terrifying knowledge of celebrity voices to get even three or four.
But if you're an avid Gold 905 listener - and clearly, the station wants you to be - it's possible, over many weeks,
to piece the puzzle together.By listening to other people's answers, and noting their score, you can work out the sequence. 
Essentially, it is a game of trial and error, crowd-sourced.