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Title: Love never dies of an old man who writes poetry to his wife every day, even though she is gone.
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of Art (RADA), one of the oldest and most famous
performing arts schools in the United Kingdom
He passed the stage play at many well-known
theaters And has a portfolio of TV series and
movies including Memo of Love Volume Two of
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Bridget Jones Alison was a sitcom series
actor in the 1970s and later became a director
and acting teacher Peter's writings Aside
from describing the feeling of emptiness
when both are far apart Because of work Also
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conveyed that he struggled to support his
family with income from the show I'm obsessed
with raising money to support my family, he said
These stories have been transmitted throughout
the poem. Even when both experienced happiness
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and suffering Peter says Both have never had a
serious argument. And writing a poem on a bad
day can help ease the atmosphere of contention
Even Snoring's snoring Alison was recorded in
their daughter Cassie, the publisher who copied
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the text from his father's poem to record There
is a poem about snoring more than once There
are many things about my mother's feet and hair
Cassie said, which Peter adds Eyes are perfect
Alison's blue eyes are mentioned in many poems