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Some 150 writers, academics and activists - including authors JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood - have signed an open letter denouncing the "restriction of debate".

They ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ say they applaud a recent "needed reckoning" on racial justice, but argue it has fuelled stifling of open debate.

The letter denounces "a vogue for public shaming and ostracism" and "a blinding moral certainty".

Several signatories have been attacked for comments that caused offence.

"The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted," says the letter.

US intellectual Noam Chomsky, eminent feminist Gloria Steinem, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and author Malcolm Gladwell also put their names to the letter, which was published on Tuesday in Harper's Magazine.

The appearance of Harry Potter บ้านผลบอล7m author Rowling's name among signatories comes after she recently found herself under attack online for comments that offended transgender people.

Her fellow British writer, Martin Amis, also signed the letter.

What unites young people against Obama and Trump
It also says: "We uphold the value of robust and even caustic counter-speech from all quarters.

General Discussion / Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data 'pause'
« on: July 07, 2020, 06:58:28 am »
Microsoft and Zoom have said they will not process data requests made by the Hong Kong authorities while they take stock of a new security law.

They follow Facebook, บ้านผลบอล7m Google, Twitter and the chat app Telegram, which had already announced similar "pauses" in compliance over the past two days.

China passed the law on 30 June, criminalising acts that support independence, making it easier to punish protesters.

Apple says it is "assessing" the rules.

If the tech firms make their non-compliance policies permanent, they could face restrictions or a ban on their services in the semi-autonomous region.

And while Facebook, Google, Twitter and Telegram's services are blocked in mainland China, the same is not true of Microsoft, Zoom and Apple.

In a related development, TikTok - which is owned by the Chinese firm Bytedance - has said it plans to exit Hong Kong within days.

The business had previously said it would not comply with Chinese government requests to access TikTok users' data. It operates a similar service called Douyin in its home market, which could theoretically become a substitute. However, Bytedance has indicated it does not have plans to do so at this time. 'Seeking guidance'
Microsoft directly offers its Office 365 work app and LinkedIn social networks to both Hong Kong residents and citizens in mainland China.

But while Office 365 is provided directly by the firm to Hong Kong residents, the service is run by a local firm 21Vianet on the other side of the border, allowing Microsoft to remain one step removed.

In the case of LinkedIn, law enforcement data requests have to go via the US government, although the division says it does sometimes "make an exception in an emergency".

According to Microsoft's latest transparency report, it received requests for data linked to 81 accounts from Hong Kong's government between July and December 2019, and provided "non-content data" in most cases.

"As we would with any new legislation, we ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ are reviewing the new law to understand its implications," said a spokesman for the American firm.

"In the past, we've typically received only a relatively small number of requests from Hong Kong authorities, but we are pausing our responses to these requests as we conduct our review."

"It was really dark.

"It was truly บ้านผลบอล7m just one of the darkest moments of my life."

When Lauren was 18 she went to a campaign event in her home state of New Hampshire.

It was October 2015 - towards the beginning of the presidential election cycle - and she was fascinated by politics.

She'd had the chance to meet many of the people running, from Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Republicans like Marco Rubio. She'd even volunteered for a while with the Jeb Bush campaign - one of Donald Trump's Republican political rivals - as a chance to learn more about the political process.

At the event, Lauren - who now considers herself to be more left-wing - was especially looking forward to asking Trump about his record on women.

"Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think you're a friend to women," she said to the candidate in front of a boisterous audience.

"I respect women incredibly," the candidate replied. "I have had women working for me in so many different jobs.

"I have a daughter named Ivanka and a wife named Melania who constantly want me to talk about women's health issues because they know how I feel about it. And they know how I feel about women.

"I respect women. I love women. I cherish women."

Lauren took the mic again and added: "I want to get paid the same as a man and I think you understand that.

"So if you become president will a woman make the same as a man and do I get to choose what I do with my body?"

"You're gonna make the same if you do as good a job," Trump said. "And I happen to be pro-life."

After the exchange, Lauren felt like she'd achieved her goal - and then didn't think much more about it.

"I had asked questions of candidates in the past and so I just didn't think this was anything out of the normal," she says. "I just thought it was another day."

However, the back-and-forth ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ ended up getting a lot of attention in the media and online. The next day, candidate Trump tweeted about her.

"There are ผลบอล7m about two billion people in the world who don't appear on a proper map," says Ivan Gayton from the charity Humanitarian OpenStreetMap.

"It's shameful that we - as cartographers of the world - don't take enough interest to even know where they are. People are living and dying without appearing on any database."

Known as the "Wikipedia for maps", anyone can download OpenStreetMap and edit it too.

"It's an amazing situation where anyone could wreck it, anyone can add to it, but what we've ended up with is a map that is the most up-to-date in some places."

According to Mr Gayton, it is the most complete and accurate map for many parts of the world, especially in rural Africa, where underinvestment means, outside of cities, there are often blank pages where millions live.

As we sit in Rwanda, Mr Gayton gestures into the distance: "It's not very far from here, over in the Democratic Republic of Congo just across the border, where the information all but stops. It's not like people don't live there, they just aren't recorded."

So why does it matter?

Mr Gayton says it can be a matter of life and death. "If you take an outbreak of disease like Ebola or the new coronavirus, contact tracing is how you stop epidemics. It's not the treatment, it's the public health and map data that makes it possible."

He worked on mapping efforts during the West Africa Ebola outbreak of 2014-15, and found a lack of data caused critical problems in locating disease hotspots.

"If you come into a health facility anywhere in the world with a communicable disease, they'll ask you where you're from. In the low-income world you don't always have a system for describing that location."

Brushing aside any concern บอล ออนไลน์ about coronavirus, huge crowds are sustaining a campaign of mass protest across Mali, demanding the resignation of the West African state's increasingly beleaguered President Ibrahim Boubacar Keta.

Corruption and cronyism, weak public services and national leadership, electoral malpractice and the government's inability to bring an end to inter-communal and jihadist violence have fuelled popular frustration.

Opposition political parties have joined together บอล ออนไลน์ to organise demonstrations, but theirs has not been the decisive voice that has repeatedly brought tens of thousands out on to the streets in a display of public anger unprecedented for decades - and which has now forced Mr Keta and his ministers to negotiate.

The real mobiliser - the figure who wields the critical crowd pulling power - is an imam, Mahmoud Dicko.

He is the central player in this challenge to a president บอล ออนไลน์ who looks complacent and bereft of energy and ideas in the face of the huge problems that continue to pile up for Mali, despite the presence of close to 15,000 international troops and constant injections of external aid.

Imam Dicko is no novice emerging from a discreet life of spiritual leadership in the mainly Muslim nation.

The Australian บอล ออนไลน์ state of New South Wales (NSW) has announced the creation of a new national park to protect threatened species.
The Narriearra station covers an area of 1,534 sq km (592 sq miles) in an area in the far north-west of the state.
Its acquisition by authorities marks the largest purchase of private land for conservation in NSW's history.
The sum paid has not been disclosed but environmental บอล ออนไลน์ groups welcomed the move.The new national park extends across floodplains, wetlands and landscapes "currently not found anywhere in NSW national parks", state environment minister Matt Kean was quoted by AFP news agency as saying.
The property, which borders Queensland and lies to the east of the town of Tibooburra, was owned by the O'Connor family for about a century. It is home to more than 25 threatened animal species, including the endangered grey grasswren."It's an incredible landscape... now in public hands for perpetuity," the minister said during a visit to the area, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.The decision was praised by charities and conservation groups.
"This new National Park is an example of the บอล ออนไลน์ ambitious action required to slow and reverse the biodiversity extinction crisis," Stuart Blanch from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia told AFP.Barry Traill, the Australian director for the Pew Charitable Trusts, meanwhile, praised the "scale" of the project.

Outrage is mounting over the custodial deaths of a father and son in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

P Jeyaraj, 58, and his son Fenix, 38, were arrested for allegedly keeping their stores open past permitted hours - Tamil Nadu is still observing a lockdown to curb the spread of Covid.

Both men were kept in police custody an entire night and died within hours of each other two days later.

Relatives of the two men say the men were subjected to brutal torture.

What has happened since their deaths?
As details of the บอล ออนไลน์ alleged torture emerged, people began demanding action.

State opposition lawmakers have taken to the streets in protest, a traders body has condemned the actions of police, and a local court has taken up the issue for hearing.

The policemen who arrested the two men have been transferred, and the state government has awarded compensation of one million rupees (10,716; $13,222) to their families.

The incident has also found its way to social media, which has in turn บอล ออนไลน์ brought it into the national spotlight.

Jurgen Klopp has succeeded บอล ออนไลน์ where seven managers before him failed by ending Liverpool's 30-year wait for a top-flight title and guiding them to a first Premier League crown.The Reds are on course for a record-breaking domestic season, but it has not always been smooth sailing for the charismatic German, who took charge in October 2015.BBC Sport - in conjunction with a BBC Radio 5 Live special featuring football correspondent John Murray, former Reds defender Stephen Warnock and John Gibbons from The Anfield Wrap - have selected 10 games which have shaped Klopp's reign at Anfield.
Here they are in chronological order - and you can rank them in terms of importance at the bottom. You can listen to the discussion as an edition of the Football Daily podcast from 12:00 BST on Friday or on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday at 11:00 BST.Liverpool 2-2 West Brom - 13 December 2015
Two months into Klopp's tenure, a late Divock Origi goal rescued a point for Liverpool against West Brom at Anfield, taking them up to ninth in the Premier League table.Klopp did not shake hands with opposite number Tony Pulis - with then Baggies winger James McClean calling the German an "idiot" - and instead pumped his chest and took his players over to salute the fans.He was ridiculed at the time for such a reaction to a draw against a team of West Brom's status, but he said years later: "I wanted to show that we really are one unit. That means I know I am responsible for the performance, but the people are responsible for the atmosphere."It was the first sign that a bond was developing between Klopp and the club's supporters.Warnock: "I remember watching it and thinking: 'What is he doing?' A draw against West Brom - is that really where he thinks Liverpool are? But it was so much deeper than that, and it set things up for future games at Anfield."

tourists can enter the country without being detained for
two weeks. However domestic schools will remain closed
until September From May 27 onwards Spain will mourn
those who have died for 10 days in remembrance of at
least 2.6 thousand new koro virus kills In Germany
there are 432 additional deaths resulting in a total of
8.3 thousand However 90 percent of all cases have been
cured After the World Health Organization (WHO) has
ordered to suspend the trial of hydroxyl chlorin
(Hydroxychloroquine), which is a drug to treat malaria
with people infected with the disease. Temporarily
After the latest research shows that the drug is likely
to make patients with Covid-19. Increased risk of death
Brazil's President Jarir Bolzano confirmed that he was
still using the drug. Like President Donald Trump of the
United States that promotes the use of this drug. And also
said that he also uses om May 27 onwards Fr Spain will
mourn those who have died for 10 days in remembrance of
at least 2.6 thousand new koro virus kills In the United
States while the number of deaths is approaching hundreds
of thousands, says Dr. Deborah Berk, from the White House's
Coronation Operations team, who said she was very worried
when many Americans went to the beach over the weekend.
Came during the Memorial Day, but didn't see anyone wearing
a mask At new york city Which has more  than 200,000

are as follows roup 1 Thai men aged 18 years G and 27
years returning from the United States And stay in the
state's quarantine area in Chonburi province without
showing any symptoms Has been infected by a surveillance
system and found the infection Group 2: Thai men aged 34
have a career as a massage therapist Travel back from
Qatar Stay in the state-quarters area of ​​the state in
Samut Prakan province with fever cough nose can not
smell Before detected confirmed infection The third
group consisted of 6 students, 23-33 year old male
students returning from Saudi Arabia. By going through
the Padang Besar immigration checkpoint Stay in quarantine
areas in Songkhla 3 cases 1 Yala 1 Pattani and 1
Narathiwat before the infection is detected In some
cases there is a cough, sore throat fever Last month
a large group of patients returned from abroad Dr
Taweesil mentioned the first 2 additional confirmed
patients returning from the United States. Arrived in
Thailand from May 12 and entered the State Quarantine
until the infection was detected on May 26, which was
the last inspection before returning to his domicile
During the detention, there were no symptoms displayed
This is the key information in disease surveillance and
the necessity of taking 14 days quarantine measures
This is not the first case to see the infection in
the late days said Dr. Taweesil For the second group

For the past เว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์ two months, Khaldoon Rifaa has not been
able to work as a driver because of Lebanon's lockdown.
He is now back on the road, operating a minivan along
the coastal motorway from his home city of Tripoli to
the capital, Beirut.But standing on the street, he is

struggling to find any paying customers to fill up his
vehicle."Before my life was good," says the father-of-
five. "I'd work and บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20 I could feed my children."But now,
there's no work - there's nothing. I don't even have
the money to buy washing powder."Khaldoon says he has

wracked up debts of $2,000 (1,640; 1,840) to provide
for his family and even then is four months behind on
the rent.Like many สล็อตฟรีเครดิต2020 others in Lebanon, he has suddenly
been plunged into poverty in a country that has hit
breaking point.Some are warning that the scale of the

catastrophe may be more devastating than the 15-year
civil war, which raged from 1975 to 1990.Soaring costs
Even before เว็บดูผลบอลสด coronavirus hit, Lebanon was experiencing
the worst economic crisis in the country's history, which
triggered large anti-government protests late last year.

Four Minnesota police officers have been fired
after the death เว็บดูผลบอลสด of a black man who was taken into
custody and seen on video being pinned down by his
neck.Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo
said the four officers were now "former employees".

Footage shows the man, George Floyd, groaning
and repeatedly saying "I can't breathe" to the
white สล็อตฟรีเครดิต2020 officer.The incident echoed that of Eric
Garner, a black man who died being arrested in
New York City in 2014.The FBI has said it will

investigate the Minneapolis incident, which took
place on Monday evening.Minnesota police said 46-
year-old Mr บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20 Floyd, who had worked providing security
at a restaurant, died after a "medical incident" in
a "police interaction".On Tuesday afternoon, Mayor

Jacob Frey confirmed the four officers involved
in the incident เว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์ had been "terminated"."This is the
right call," he tweeted.At a press conference earlier
Mr Frey had described the incident as "completely and
utterly messed up"."I believe what I saw and what I

Over 5,000 Thai People Waiting to Register to
Return to Thailand via Plane At this point
there is news about the epidemic of a new type
of corona virus in Europe, but friends say they
will not affect travel in Chile and Argentina The
people there just told me to wash their hands often
That's why they decided to go to Ushuaia Which is
in the south of Argentina When arriving on March
15 the lockdown measures quickly occurred. Make them
stuck there There was an order for the people to be
detained in the house for 14 days They decided to
sleep in the car during that period Due to a ban
on camping They had to sneak out to drive to a
forest with a lake called La Guana Margarita and then
sneak there We are afraid that anyone will come
to see and report to the authorities But we are in
a very deep forest And nobody comes When the
weather is good, they kill time by rowing the lake Or
jogging Ivar teaches Rudka to use rope to climb trees
Sometimes strong winds and cold weather cause them to
hide in the car. And there is not enough sunlight for
electricity from solar energy Soon all cooking gas
is exhausted And they have to bathe in the cold lake
But they are not really worried Thinking that they
just have to wait for the two-week lock-down period

New York เว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์ state's daily death toll has dropped below 100
for the first time since late March.A total of 84 people
died in the last 24 hours, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on
Saturday, compared with 109 a day before.During the height
of the outbreak in April, more than 1,000 people a day were

losing their lives in worst-hit US state."In my head, I was
always looking to บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20
 get under 100," Mr Cuomo said."It doesn't
do good for any of those 84 families that are feeling the pain
he said at his daily briefing, but added that the drop was a
sign of "real progress".Mr Cuomo announced on Friday that

groups of up to 10 people could gather "for any lawful
purpose" anywhere in the state, including New York City.
But, he added: "If you don't have to be with a group of
10 people don't be with สล็อตฟรีเครดิต2020 a group of 10 people."New York
state was once the epicentre of the US coronavirus outbreak
with more than 28,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins

University.The US has the biggest death toll from Covid-19
at 96,000. The UK is second with more than เว็บดูผลบอลสด 36,000.By last
Tuesday, the death toll from coronavirus in New York City
had passed that of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.
The figure was reached only three weeks after the first

coronavirus death in the city.The outbreak has placed
New York at the centre of the global pandemic and put
an unprecedented strain on the city's emergency workers
and frontline staff.Over the course of Tuesday, six of
those people - two doctors, an undertaker, two senior
care home staff and a food delivery worker - kept diaries
of their day and shared them with the BBC.

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a hard blow to businesses
around the world. In the US alone, economists project that
more than 100,000 small เว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์ businesses have permanently shut
because of the health crisis. Among those are iconic institutions
that have survived for decades. Stan's Donuts in Los Angeles is one of them.

Stan Berman says there are three reasons his doughnuts were
so good.The first was the sea air that blew into his shop
from the Pacific Ocean บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20 some five miles away - he never used
air conditioning, even at the height of the LA summer, to
avoid spoiling the perfect atmospheric conditions.

The second reason was the skill that went into making
the doughnuts. And the third, simply, was love.Stan took
over his shop in the สล็อตฟรีเครดิต2020 heart of LA's bustling Westwood Village
neighbourhood more than 55 years ago. The unassuming one-storey
white-block building sits on the corner of two busy streets. Stan

described it as "the smallest little shop you've ever seen".
It was prime real estate: less than two blocks away from the
UCLA campus and opposite เว็บดูผลบอลสด the Fox Bruin and Fox Village cinemas
where glamorous premieres would frequently take place.The exact
date it all began is a matter of debate. He believes it was Christmas

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