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 Brazil's President Charlie Jarzaro was found
to be infected ผลบอล7m

 with a corona virus. After the
4th visit on  Monday after a high fever And many
other symptoms similar to Covid-19 disease
Previously, Mr Bolzano did not accept the
seriousness of the new strain of the corona

 virus. And calling it just a "little flu"
only. He states that Covid-19 will not have
a severe impact on him He also called on the
regional governor ดูผลบอลสด7m to relax the closing of the
city. Which he saw that Also have serious economic
consequences And on Monday, he also relaxed the rules

 of wearing masks The Covid Crisis-19 How did
Brazil become a political game? The United States
and Brazil, two countries with more than 3 million
cases of Covid-19 Asian Covid-19's epidemic disease
in the United States Bolsonaro revealed the infection
in a television interview on Tuesday. He said his fever

 had subsided and he felt "fine." The Brazilian
president stated that he had symptoms on Sunday
He has a high fever and does not feel well He said
on Monday that He feels worse Causing him to be tested
for a corona virus Brazilian president Appearing in public

 and receptions often Without a mask Although
many jobs have regulations to put Last sunday
Bolzaroro's government minister joins the American
National Day celebration at the US Embassy. In all
images, no one is wearing a mask When the birthday
party kills three siblings from Covid-19

 The amazons are in danger, both logging, fires
and viruses Presidential Phrases for Coronary Virus
"As I have seen There are other flu types that kill
more people than the virus. "(New species of Corona)
(11 Mar) Since we are a tropical country Today we have
information that We are nearing the end of this epidemic
 It's almost over The virus does not spread
quickly in warm countries like us. "(18 Mar)
After being pierced There is no way that I will
fall down with a little cold. "(20 Mar)

 Suspension of

  sales of Thai coconut products
from leading retail chains in the United Kingdom
following allegations of "torture of monkeys" in
the Thai coconut industry. Is the latest example
that reflects the alertness of citizens in the United
Kingdom. And other Western nations in animal welfare

 environment and human rights The British are very
alert about global warming. How to reduce the destruction
of the environmen ผลบอล7m
 t Reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere
reduce waste, reduce plastic use Reduce unnecessary encroachment
on animals Many young people choose to consume vegetable food. No
meat and dairy products are strictly forbidden, which is called

  vegan people" because the view that raising
large animals to consume meat and milk is destroying
the earth's atmosphere. Combined with health and morality
reasons Vegetarianism: British people eat less mea Want
to help reduce global warming United Nations recommends
reducing meat Eat more vegetables
 How to help reduce global warming As for the
people who still eat meat Consider the welfare
of animals from raising up to slaughtering Susta
inability to the environment Including the welfare
and welfare of the people in the whole production
process From fishermen, fishermen, shrimp workers

 to the company's employees, they must be treated
legally Why does the United States disqualify Thai GSP?
Pravit says "Thailand is the best in Asia" after the United
States raises the anti-human trafficking status Hundreds of
forced labor" in Thailand will be protected under the new law
Coconut milk, fresh coconut water and coconut oil Is a popular
food among meat eaters or vegan people. And those who love health

 as well as plant products Which is very nutritious
and used as a milk substitution product from time to time
When food that is seen as "clean" does not encroach on animal
life Have been accused of "torture of animals" has become a big
news Public-private denial Thailand forced monkey labor to collect
coconuts How much food do you consume affect the environment?
 Researchers reveal that in 16 years, 100,000 orangutans
have been killed Celebrities and large choirs As soon
as the animal protection group "Peta" accused the Thai
coconut industry on 3 July and called on British supermarkets
to cancel the sale of processed coconut products imported from
Thailand with Identify the brand names of coconut water and coconut

 oil. Ms. Carrie Simon, fiance of British Prime
Minister Boris Johnson Who is a conservationist
Tweets support this claim. Including celebrities
in many circles and Lord Sack Gold Smith, the Minister
of Environment in the government, Mr Johnson is also
signing to petition.

A few hours later, Tesco, the UK's largest
retailer, told the BBC that "Our coconut milk
and coconut water brands do not use monkey labor
in the production process. And we do not sell the
brands specified by Peta Sense Berry The market no
2 told the BBC that they were investigating the products

 they were selling. And searched the supplier
for us on this complex issue Reuters also reported
that Wal-Mart, the US retail giant. Which is the owner
of Asda supermarket, which holds the 3rd largest market
share in the United Kingdom Have brought good tasty brand
products and Chaokoh Temporarily out of sale during the

 investigation of the said case with the supplier
manufacturer of the product Palm oil and orangutan
Before Thailand became the "defendant" about a monkey
collecting coconuts. The palm oil industry in Indonesia
is also a "culprit" in the eyes of conservatives Palm oil
is a product that British people look with bad eyesight.

 His Majesty the King And the Queen proceeded
by car. Along with ผลบอล7m His Highness Prince Phatchakitiyapha
Narentira Thepwadi Kromluang Ratchasinee Siriphat Maha
Watcharachida From the Amporn Sathan Throne Hall Dusit
Palace Went to change the summer robes to the rainy season
robes Presented to the Maha Mani Rattanathipikorn at the Ubosot

 of the Emerald Buddha Temple Grand Palace
When he entered the temple Her Majesty the
Queen stood in ดูผลบอลสด7m
 front of the royal court. Her
Royal Highness Prince Phatchakitiyapha Narentira
Thepwadi Kromluang Ratchasinee Siriphat Maha Watcharachida
He stood in front of the chair

 His Majesty the King went behind the base
of Chukchi and ran over to the throne where
the Buddha Maha Ratanapatthikon enshrined
Give the official His Highness took the Buddha's
conch shell. Located side Bathing His Majesty at Sukhon
left and right, Phra Phuttha Maha Maneerat Patimakorn

 After finished, he placed the Great Conch
Shell in the same place. Received the Maha
Sangkha Thaksinwat from the provincial official
His Majesty is gracious not to use Section 112
50th Coronation: King Rama IX - the Queen has a
military vow to pay a military vow.

 Images and royal duties during the year
of Queen Sutida His Majesty the King received
the white robes from the monk's officers, following
the Lord Buddha's Ornament. He then received the rainy
season crown from the monk's officers. His Majesty put
on offerings at the head of the Great Buddha, Mani Rattanathapikorn.

 He bowed down from Angelica to sit at the
royal seat arranged beside Chuk Chi base. He
took the white cloth lining the Buddha Maha
Maneerat Patimakorn. Impregnated Sukhon in a
glass jar Then squeezed it into a glass jar and
radiator Then went to Chukhi base, received a flower

 basket from the ceremonial officials placed
on the front of Chuk Chi base He lit incense
candles, and worshipers at the end of the seat
Then lit a candle in the loop of worshiping the
Great Buddha He burned incense, candles, and worshipers
at the end of the seat to worship the Buddha Sky, Chula

 World. He lit incense, candles, worshipers at
the end of the seat, worshiping Buddha, excellent
Napa. Burned incense, candles, large gold worshipers
in front of the business of Stone StoneHer Majesty the
Queen proceeded to light joss sticks, candles, gold worshipers
in front of the business of Stone Stone. Received the respect

 of the visitors Royal residence The provincial
official invited the Maha Sangkha Petch Noi to
offer the King Maha Sangkha Then washed himself
at his head Bestowed water on the Maha Sangkha
Petch Noi statue to His Majesty the Son Prince
Phatchakitiyapha Narentira Thepwadi Kromluang

Want to take care of my brother" Boonyaporn
Grace Thai who lives in Dundee Scotland Said
to BBC Thai He fell in the bathroom, hit the
floor, there was ผลบอล7m

 mold in the brain. Now the
fungus filled the brain down to the lungs.

 The kidneys would be miraculous if they
could survive Boonyaporn is one of the 60
Thais in the United Kingdom who are calling
on the Thai government to help increase flights
to take home. They contacted the members of the
Democrat Party for Democracy. Most recently, Benja

 Saengchan, a member of the Democracy Party's
party list, told BBC Thai that Mr Pitha Limcharoenrat
Party leader As the Commissioner (KMT.) Extraordinary
Consideration to monitor the use of money according to
the Royal Decree (Royal Decree) 3 issues to solve problems
of remedy and economic and social rehabilitation. Affected

 by the coronary pandemic virus outbreak, 2019 is
preparing to discuss the matter at the KMUTT meeting
next week Ms. Benja said that The party leader will
take "Personal relations" coordinate to the Thai Embassy
in London. In order to find ways to help Thai people who
remain in foreign countries Which, if considering the 2017

 constitution, will find that the government has
no right to prohibit Thai people from going home
While Mr. Paiboon Nititawan, MP, lists Phalang
Pracharat Party (PACC.) As the president of the
Government, following the budget of Khovid-19 Told
the BBC that Thailand is ready to consider information

 about Thai people left in foreign countries
Even though this story is not in Any financial
act but thinks that helping the people and entrepreneurs
who suffer from Covid-19 In the power of the km
Currently, the Thai government sends 2 special flights
to pick up Thai people in the United Kingdom a month

 My father's dream is to create the most
beautiful movie theater in his life, and
he can do it here." Speaking up, look up
at the vaulted ceiling of Scala's cinema
The last subsidiary movie theater that has
just been announced closed.

 Nantha ผลบอล7m

 returned to this movie theater again
not as an executive in the business as he had
done for many decades. But came to inspect the
orderliness of the venue for "La Scala" between
3-5 July to bid farewell to the movie theater
before closing permanently on Sunday, July 5

 Many months ago News about the closing of
Scala's theaters has been mentioned periodically
on social media. But there is still no official
confirmation from the Apex network. Coupled with
the outbreak of the Covid-19 Making Scala theaters
announced "Temporary service suspension" from mid-March
until May 31, according to government measures.

 A selection of good-looking movie galleries,
farewell movies, legendary cinemas serving more
than half a century What old shops and locations
have to give way to the development of the Chula
Property Bureau? But after 31 May, Scala is not
open for service. Until June 23, Scala Cinema
announced. "Curtain the Screening" via Facebook

 Apex Scala, together with public relations "La Scala"
co-organized by the Film Hall To give people the opportunity
to love and bond with the Scala cinema at this cinema for the
last time Siam Square used to have a large movie theater, the
Three Musketeers, Siam Lido Scala, which is an important part
for Siam Square to grow to be one of the most prosperous business
locations in Thailand."

 Scientists have discovered a new strain of
influenza virus in China, which has the potential
to cause a pandemic The virus is swine-borne and
can be transmitted แทงบอลออนไลน์

 to humans. Virus experts are
worried that they may mutate to be easily transmitted
from person to person and eventually become a major epidemic.

 Although the situation of this virus is
still not very worried. But scientists say
that it has all the components that will
develop into a virus that is transmitted
to humans. And necessary to keep an eye
on Due to the fact that it is a new virus
species Humans have very little or no

 immunity to this virus Scientists studying
this new strain of influenza virus say Although
this type of virus is not considered a serious
threat But the relevant agencies should study
to start controlling the virus in pigs and monitoring
the infection among the workers in the swine industry.

G4 EA H1N1 This new strain of influenza virus
unofficially named G4 EA H1N1, can multiply when
it enters human respiratory cells. Experts have
identified traces of this type of virus infection
in slaughterhouse workers and in the swine industry
in China The current flu vaccine cannot protect against

this virus. But may be developed to prevent if necessary
Kovid-19: Chinese government pushes for treating coronary
infections with traditional medicine China found a new virus
in bats from Yunnan Genetic identification closely linked to
the covid-19 virus is not evidence of a genetic modification lab

 What is pandemic? Right now, we put all our
attention on the corona virus, which is the
right thing. But we have to keep our eyes on
other new strains of virus that are equally
deadly, "Professor Kin-Cau Chang of the University
of Nottingham in England told the BBC.

he World Bank in Thailand praised Thailand
for dealing with the outbreak of the new strain
of the coronary virus, Covid-19, that is doing well
but it has to bearแทงบอลออนไลน์
 enormous economic impact. It is
expected that this year the GDP will drop by at least
5%. More than 8.3 million Thai people are at risk of
losing their jobs and decreasing income.

 The World Bank's economic analysis report
released today (30 June) states that since
March 26, the government announced the Emergency
Decree (Emergency Decree) for public administration
in emergency situations. To control the outbreak of
Covid-19 Including preventive measures such as closing

 community premises Banning travel and announcing
curfew Make it able to control the outbreak efficiently
No infection has been found within the country for more
than 1 month and the number of deaths is stable at 58
Although Thailand has succeeded in controlling the disease
But the closing measures have severely affected the economy
Especially for the tourism sector Which accounts for over 15%

 The Chiang Mai Fiscal Policy Office further
agreed The Emergency Decree on Gen. Prayut confirmed
"Does not block anyone" Infographic - Infected - Death
from a new species of corona virus around the world
The World Bank is concerned about public health services
in the areas of prevention and prevention.

 The export sector is also affected and is
expected to contract by about 6.3% this year
due to low demand for Thai products abroad.
s a result of the global economic slowdown,
private consumption is expected to decrease
by 3.2% due to the ban on travel and lower
income. Which is a factor limiting consumer

 Chinese officials revealed that they sent 20
martial arts teachers to train their forces stationed
in the Tibetan แทงบอลออนไลน์
 Plateau. Which is where China has a border
dispute with India And had just recently experienced a bloodshed
Chinese television CCC reported that The martial arts teacher from
Enbo Fight Club" will be stationed in Lhasa. In the Tibet Autonomous
Region However, the Chinese media did not confirm clearly that The main

 task of these teachers is to teach Chinese
soldiers stationed on the border with India
to apply martial arts to the enemy in areas
where both parties have agreed to prohibit
the use of weapons or not India-China: Violent
clash in Kashmir For the first time in nearly 50 years

 What happened in the bloody battles
without gun and bomb between India-China
Brief background of the Sino-Indian conflict
in Kashmir How does Nepal's new map awaken past
conflicts between China and India The Chinese authorities
did not give official reasons for this decision. But this

 movement came after June 15, the bloodshed between
Chinese and Indian soldiers. In the Galwan valley in
Ladakh region In which India stated that at least 20
soldiers had died and another 76 wounded What is the fight?
For decades, both military powers have vied for lands on the
Himalayas, largely uninhabited. And often confrontations along

 the border together 3,440 km long The latest tense situation
began with India creating a new road along the Line of Actual
Control (LAC) that made China upset. Then sent soldiers to that
area Including building your own infrastructure And this increases
the risk of the two sides clashing How important is this land?
Both countries view this land as important in both economic and

 military. If no one agreed and let the protracted story
This will greatly affect the stability of the entire region
It is believed that the death of fighting on June 15 for the
first time in 45 years after China and India had only fought
once in 1962 and India was shamefully defeated What happened
in the latest clash? And why there is no fire at all

 China accused the clash on June 15 because the Indian
army crossed the border twice in order to "Incite and
attack Chinese officials." Both sides confirmed that
there was no shooting. Indian officials recalled fighting
with bare hands, iron bars and stones India and China had
made bilateral agreements in 1996 which stipulated that

neither party shall shoot Attack operation
Or chase using weapons, whether guns or bombs
within the actual 2 km of the border line. "This
is the reason why both sides have never opened
fire with each other again.

Peru is one of the countries that started to
use the quickest and strictest lock down measures
in the Latin America region. To prevent the spread
of the new แทงบอลออนไลน์
 strain of the corona virus But now has
become the country with the 6th largest confirmed
person in the world

 President Martin Viz Carra of Peru said that
the situation in the country has started to
improve. But previously accepted that Lockdown
measures results "Did not meet expectations
So why is Peru facing such an epidemic?

 Closed borders and curfew Peru began implementing
a lockdown measure on 16 March before the United
Kingdom. And some European countries Including
Thailand, which announced the ban on nighttime
housing (curfew) throughout the kingdom. And
banning aircraft from entering Thailand in early
April Peruvian authorities ordered to close the

 border. And announce the curfew By allowing
people to go out of the house only in the case
of going to buy necessary things But The number
of people living with the disease and the death
continues to increase Peru has extended the use
of lockdown measures until the end of June, making

 it one of the longest-enforced countries in the world
The death toll in Latin America has exceeded one hundred
thousand people Why does Ecuador face the most severe
coronary virus crisis in Latin America?The Covid Crisis-19
How did Brazil become a political game? Kovid-19: Birthdays

 in Brazil became the start of a family funeral
Although the number of new daily infections is
starting to decrease But the death toll remains
at a high level Data from John Hopkins University
states that At least 275,989 people are infected
with Covid-19 and 9,135 have died.

Environmental campaign groups urgently need to take
action After แทงบอลออนไลน์
 a study from Italy found that there is
a tiny plastic that can not be seen by the naked eye
Also known as microplastics, accumulated in fruits and
vegetables that we like to consume.

 A team of researchers from the University
of Catania In Sicily Publish the results of
this study in the journal Environmental Research
stating that micro-plastics are found in fruits
and vegetables such as leafy vegetables Lettuce types
including broccoli, potatoes and pears

 But the plants with the highest levels of
plastic particles found were apples and carrots
The highest density microflora found at the bottom
of the Mediterranean Sea Contaminated plastics: Researchers
find micro-plastic in human feces around the world.

 Researchers at the Trang Marine Center found
micro-plastic in mackerel Humans accept micro-plastic
into the body of hundreds of thousands of particles per year
The research team believes that this is caused by a phenomenon
known as "precipitation", which refers to water droplets and ice
that are formed by condensation of water vapor and then fall back

 to the earth in the form of rain, hail and snow, for example
They pointed out that the micro-plastic in the ocean had such
a process. Then captured in the clouds After that it fell back
to earth by contaminating rainwater. Then the plants absorb the
micro-plastic into the roots The research team found that Fruit
has a level of micro-plastic accumulated over vegetables. Since

 it is a perennial plant Which has large roots that penetrate
deeper into the soil than vegetables The data corresponds with
another research team of scientists in China and the Netherlands
 Which is published in the journal Nature Sustainability Which
found evidence indicating that The roots of turnips and wheat
can absorb micro-plastics. Then send the plastic particles to

 the edible part that is above the ground
However, the research team states that The
level of microplastics found in vegetables
and fruits is There is still less quantity
than microplastics found in plastic bottled
water What is micro-plastic

 Microplastics are tiny particles of plastics
that are less than 5 millimeters in diameter
Microplastics are caused by larger pieces of
plastic that break apart, such as plastic bottles
bags, and plastic containers that decompose in soil
or sea. And pollute the environment We have known for

 many years about the finding of plastic in crustaceans
and fish." But this is the first time that the plastic
has accumulated in vegetables If it can accumulate in
various plants, it will enter all living organisms that
eat plants. Which means meat and dairy products What we
need to find out is how it will affect us," said Westerboss

 At present, it is not yet clear whether
How will consuming micro-plastics affect
people's health? But many people point out
that the data from this research is a "concern"

Liverpool Football Club condemned the
Kop behavior of "completely unacceptable
Some people แทงบอลออนไลน์
 who go to celebrate celebrating
the win of the Premier League football. By
ignoring the prohibition against the covid-19
epidemic, as well as firecrackers causing a fire

 in the historic buildings of the city
After the news that the Liverpool team
Have won the Premier League season 2019-20
thousands of Reds fans have gathered in the
downtown area And there are fireworks in the
said area Resulting in a minor fire on the first

 floor balcony of the Liver Building. Older than
one hundred years old Until the firefighters had
to fire in before extinguishing the fire Liverpool
win the Premier League, ending the 30 years that the
Swan fans have been waiting for Premier League: 11
predictions for the new English football season 2019/20

 Liverpool: Anfield tour with legendary footballer
Phil Thompson Liverpool Football Club issued a joint
statement with the city council. And the local Merseyside
police said that "Our city is still in a public health crisis
And this behavior is completely unacceptable There is still a
risk of the second wave of the covid-19 outbreak, and we need

 to work together to make sure that we will not
destroy everything we have done with the entire
region. During the lockdown period When the time
can be done safely We will jointly organize a victory
parade that everyone will come together to celebrate
together While Mayor Joe Anderson said the incident

 had caused the Liverpool Football Club and
Liverpool to lose their reputation He told the
BBC radio station that he felt "frustrated, angry
and upset" about this incident People urinate at
the entrance to the Cunard building. Because they
gather together with a lot of beer

 About 95% of football fans behave very wel
And listened to our requests for cooperation
not to be assembled But there are still a small
number of people who discredit Liverpool Football
Club's reputation Yesterday (June 26) was the second
consecutive night where thousands of Reds fans celebrated

 the victory they have been waiting for 30 years
As a result, the police ordered the people to disperse
Rally in the center of Liverpool until this Sunday28 June
While the area's BBC correspondent revealed images of officials
cleaning up the rubbish-packed assembly that football fans have
left Skip Twitter post by bbcmerseyside


 Two decades ago, Russia voted Vladimir Putin as the
country's leader. Time after time Whether as a president
Or the prime ministe แทงบอลออนไลน์
r The nationwide referendum on July
7 will be another measure of people's trust. Whether to
open the way for Putin to be the next president for 2
periods, 6 years each or not

 Despite being 67 years old, Putin never
says that he will not run for leadership
in the country. When the term expires in
2024 The referendum will be held the day
after the parade in Moscow on the Victory
Day over Nazi Germany. And the end of World
War 2 in Europe

 This ceremony helped build national
pride after passing the lockdown period
And was seen as calling for a popular
vote for Mr Putin Why does a referendum
be held?Back in January, Putin proposed
a constitutional referendum. Which will

 allow him to hold the position for
another 2 periods, each 6 years The
Crisis of Covid-19 Russia has to postpone
the referendum from April to July, the authorities
are preparing to take measures to maintain social
distance during the 5-day elections throughout the

 country. Although the situation is spreading, a
new species of coronary virus in some regions is
still poor In the 21st century, Russia alone is
known as the leader. He started as prime minister
(1999), became president (2000 - 2008) and then
became prime minister again (2008 - 2012) before
returning to becoming president (2012).

 Putin didn't say that he wants to be
re-elected But didn't come out to deny
This made the critic critic that he was
looking for a way to stay in power forever
Or at least 2036 Valentina Tereshkova, Member
of Parliament who is Putin's supporter Came out

 proposing to cancel the presidency of
the presidency And it seems that the Russian
people still support him With the last election
in 2018, Putin won more than 76% of the vote
Come on this time. "He tried his best to make
him seem reluctant with this proposal. Act as
if it were a desire from "Below." ... "said Sarah
Lawrence Ford, a BBC correspondent in Moscow.

 In addition, Putin also implied that
the people are not ready to change the
president, which Lawrence Ford says that
a lot of people, regardless of this idea
If they don't really like Putin, they
don't hate him that much either. Many
him as a strong leader who can stand
against the West, "said Ford.

The government of Donald Trump has asked the US Supreme
Court to cancel the "Obama Care" law that protects millions
of Americans แทงบอลออนไลน์
 Government lawyers claim that This law is considered
void after Congress. Which has a majority from Republicans Has voted
to cancel parts of the law Joe Biden, the next Presidential nominee
Came out to criticize the submission of this matter He said that Trump

 put millions of Americans at risk during the new strain of
the corona virus Public health will be an important issue to
decide the winner of the next presidential election this November
Mr Trump said that This law spends too much money. And promised to
create a new project instead Which will maintain the popular element
But will cover less people If the US Supreme Court Cancel the health

 insurance law Around 20 million Americans have lost
their health coverage. Which is known as 'Obama Care'
because it was initiated by the Barack Obama government
Under this law Millions of Americans have to buy health
insurance. Or be fined But later, in 2017, Congress voted
to cancel the money fine for those who refuse to buy insurance
Also known as "individual mandate Therefore, the United States

Department of Justice claims that the fined people who
refuse to buy insurance cannot be separated from the law
Therefore, this law is against the Constitution. Because
Congress has canceled the said money adjustment regulation
Trump celebrates 100 days as leader Trump withdraws health
insurance bill after Republican support Joe Biden, Former

 Obama Vice President to defeat Trump And is the leader
of the United States Next one? Obama criticized the US
response to Covid-19 as "truly devastating Biden, who
seeks to encourage the public to expand the coverage of
the health insurance law, said that those who healed from
Covid-19 May lose the right to comprehensive treatment if
the Supreme Court dismisses the law

 They have to live life trapped in the evils that
result from Trump's legacy of two things: The failure
to protect people from a new strain of the coronary virus
and a mindless campaign to remove public health protection
systems from American families By now, the United States

Former politician under the Thai Rak Thai Party (R.Thor.)
Which was ceded as "military leader" Mr Thaksin Shinawatra
former prime ดูหนังออนไลน์HD

 minister Prepare to launch the CARE group on
June 17, after spending almost a month in gathering ideological
partners Voice Space, an event hall of Voice TV, a business in

 the care of Phan Thong Taechinawat, son of the former prime
minister. Was chosen as the launching location of the CARE group
which normally can วิเคราะห์ผลบอลสด

 hold a full 1,000 people, but this event is limited
to 200 participants for "physical spaci 150 Danger Days: An Alternative
to Survival" is the "first public motion" that this social movement prepares
to throw out to the public. After Thailand fell under "Emergency" more than

 2 months after the government announced the Emergency Decree
(Royal Decree) Administration in emergency situations. To cope
with the spread of a new species of corona virus (Covid-19) on March 26
Where is Thaksin? In the movement of the former military commander in
the name of CARE Thaksin Shinawatra: 14 months after the Thai collapse

 And keeping the Thai political distance during the epidemic of Covid-19
Thaksin Party: Going บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20

 back in fighting games in 20 years, escape the "trap"
3 constitution September 19, 2006: Over a decade of "Coup waste of"
Before the movement becomes apparent Thaksin admitted to the BBC at the
end of May that former MPs had told the news but said "unrelated" and
more encouraging BBC Thai invites to get to know all 4 former politicians

 who during the prosperous era of the government of the Rt. These people
are seen as "insiders" to give ideas when leaders have to make important
decisions, and during the Great Depression - Thaksin falls. " The homeless
leader "some warlord announced the laying of hands But never spacing attention
from politics One of the questions that the junta leader threw at this former
minister is "will interfere with politics again" and "if Thaksin doesn't quit?"

 I would have to think again if Prime Minister Thaksin comes back and
plays politics. I may help you or stay still, but let me help other people
to fight with Thaksin. I probably won't help. "Bhumatham responded and told
the book. "On a night of bleak 7 Thaksin warlords under secret camouflage
operations However, Bhumibol has not contacted "Old Master" for a long time
since being overthrown. "Someone is trying to get me to see you in London,
but I don't just say what I ordered. If I can do it, I will, but the prime

 minister admits the condition is OK .. finish The former military
commander Thaksin disappeared from the Thai political and social space
Before realizing again Bhumibol has resigned from the position of the
Army of the Royal Thai Police, but that did not escape him from being
judged by the Constitutional Court for the revocation of political rights
for 5 years after the dissolution of the government on 31 May. 2007

 Expect our combination to grow bigger And can develop to be a
mechanism or organs of social change in a better direction
Bhumibol has announced through a message board on his Facebook
Dr. Ming once compared the relationship between the prime minister
With the Secretary-General of the Prime Minister As though "The gourmet
chef" and "the marketer" each day have to think roughly "what" to cook

 After that go to procure raw materials Which is not dominance But it is
a guessing process and must be prepared quickly Because Thaksin was quick
to think On the 23rd change of life, the 23rd Prime Minister arrived, Dr.
Ming, a "transcontinental receiver" from Thaksin, who attended the United
Nations Conference (UN) in the United States. He has been looking for news
sending news since the morning of 19 September 2006 through the Government

 House early in the morning to wait for "secret documents" hoping to dismiss
the Commander in Chief and win the state of emergency before the military
seizes power and is still a person. " Raise the Flag "by establishing the"
Anti-Revolutionary Command "at the Supreme Command Headquarters
(at the time the name of the Army)

Mr Wanchalerm Sataksaksit Thai political refugees Living in cambodia
Has disappeared บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ20
 without a trace for 24 hours and has no attitude from
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Ending the shout of "suffocating"
that fell into his sister's ear On the evening of June 4, no one could contact
him again While Mr. Sunay Phasook, Thailand Consultant of Human Rights Watch in
Thailand Stated that the case of Mr. Wanchalerm It is known as a person who may

 be forced to disappear (Forced Disappearance), which is considered a
serious crime วิเคราะห์ผลบอลสด
 in international law. After the Cambodian authorities
refused to recognize And refusing to investigate the incidentPreviously
the lawyer center for human rights Released a report on the 6-year
anniversary of the coup by the National Council for Peace and Order
(NCPO) on May 22, indicating that people were driven to asylum from

 the political situation and the chase sweeps. Under at least 104
cases under the
 NCPO announcement and orders, resulting in a group
of people who decide to leave the country. For reasons not wanting
to report to the NCPO, the fear of being threatened by military
personnel Or being issued an arrest warrant in Article 112 and
weapons-related cases "Which people often do not see the way to
fight the case"

 Chalermisatyasakdi's Day: Sister told the minute the younger
brother disappeared in Cambodia, revealing Thai police visiting
their mother in Ubon in May Chalermisat Saksakdi: The UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights investigates the case of kidnapping
of political refugees in CambodiaPolitical asylum seeers, disagreeing
or dead 6 years, Coup: Open political statistics - civil rights violations
under the "NCPO" regime from the era of power to power transformed.
 Among these asylum seekers, the lawyer center reported six people
who may have been forced to disappear, 3 of which were related to
the Thai Federation, in May 2019, reported that Vietnamese authorities
have sent these groups of refugees. Return to Thailand But both countries
deny the matter And no one can contact them again As for the other 2 refugees,
it became a ploy on the Mekong River in December 2018, in a cruel and cruel way.

 And there is no clear answer as to how and when such actions have occurred
However, Prachatai reported that the results of the DNA testing of the two
bodies match Mr Chatchan Buppawan and Mr Kraidej Lueert, who have fled to Laos
Together with Mr Surachai Watthananuson Toll Plaza Which has mysteriously disappeared
to the present day The BBC Thai collected the background - arrest warrant - the final
information appeared to those close before at least 9 "refugees" will become "missing"

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