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A series of strict new measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak have been announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In a televised address, he said a "moment of national emergency" meant staying at home was necessary to protect the NHS and save lives. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด

When are people allowed to leave their homes?
Mr Johnson said everybody should stay at home and would only be allowed to leave for specific reasons:

Shopping for "basic necessities", as infrequently as possible. People should use delivery services, where they can
Medical reasons, to provide care, or to help a vulnerable person
Travelling to and from work, but only if it is "absolutely necessary"
People should not meet friends or family members who do not live with them.

What other new measures are there?
The prime minister said:

Shops selling "non-essential goods" including clothes and electronics stores will be closed immediately
Libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship will also close
Gatherings of more than two people (excluding people who live together) will be banned
There will be no weddings or baptisms but funerals will be allowed
Parks will remain open but people are only to go out to exercise once a day
All of the new measures will last for three weeks from 23 March before being reviewed.

How will the measures be enforced?
The police will be given the powers to make sure people follow the measures - by dispersing groups and issuing fines.

The National Police Chiefs' Council told the BBC that officers would be talking to people and explaining why they shouldn't be out.

If they do not accept the advice, they would then be given a fine. However, fines won't be issued until Parliament passes the emergency legislation - which should be by the end of Thursday.

Downing Street says fines could initially be set at £30, but that could increase significantly if people don't comply.

Councils will also play a role to make sure local businesses follow the rules.

The Local Government Association says that "anyone who sees a business breaching government closure restrictions should report it to their local council so it can investigate and take appropriate action".

What about online deliveries?
Customers should still be able to receive online deliveries.

Amazon said there would be some changes, with essential items (like food and healthcare products) being prioritised. That means that delivery times for other items may take longer than usual.
In order to avoid any unnecessary contact, Amazon in-home deliveries have been paused and drivers have been advised to place packages at the customer's doorstep and step back. This means bulky items, like fridges and washing machines, will not be brought directly into homes.

John Lewis says it's still offering home deliveries for larger items such as furniture and home appliances, but will no longer offer home installation or assembly.
The Royal Mail is still operating its service for parcels and letters, but with some delays and alterations.

The 2020 Olympic Games will be postponed by one year because of coronavirus, says International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound.

It comes after the chairman of the British Olympic Association said Great Britain would be unlikely to send a team to Tokyo this summer.

Australia and Canada have already said they will not compete in Japan. สมัครเข้ากลุ่มลับ

"On the basis of the information the IOC has, postponement has been decided," Pound told USA today.

"The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on 24 July, that much I know."

The International Olympic Committee has given itself four weeks to decide on the future of this summer's Games, but veteran IOC member Pound says a decision will be announced soon.

"It will come in stages," he said.

"We will postpone this and begin to deal with all the ramifications of moving this, which are immense."

'We will be joining Canada and Australia'
Canada and Australia had already announced their decision to withdraw from this summer's Games when the chairman of the British Olympic Association, Hugh Robertson, said he expected Britain to be "joining shortly".

"We can't see any way that this can go ahead as things are constituted," said Robertson. "I expect we will be joining Canada and Australia shortly."

As of Sunday, there had been 5,683 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, with 281 deaths.

The UK government has urged the public to follow advice on social distancing, with MPs debating stricter measures to ensure people comply.

The latest news on the coronavirus crisis
"I think it is very simple. If the virus continues as predicted by the government, I don't think there is any way we can send a team," Robertson told Sky Sports News.

"First, I don't see any way that the athletes and Team GB could be ready by then. Elite training facilities are perfectly understandably and quite correctly closed around the country, so there is no way they could undertake the preparation they need to get ready for a Games.

"Secondly, there is the appropriateness of holding an Olympic Games at a time like this. We are actually in a process where we are talking to all our sports. We will complete that over the next couple of days.

"We have already said to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that we think their four-week pause is absolutely the right thing to do."

On Sunday, Canada became the first major country to withdraw from this summer's Olympics and Paralympics.

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic committee said it had taken "the difficult decision" to pull out after consulting athletes, sports groups, and the government.

It then "urgently called" on the IOC, the International Paralympic Committee and the World Health Organization to postpone the Games for a year.

"It's clear the Games can't be held in July," Australia chef de mission Ian Chesterman said on Monday.
"Our athletes have been magnificent in their positive attitude to training and preparing, but the stress and uncertainty has been extremely challenging for them."
The IOC has said postponement is in its "scenario planning". The cancellation of the Tokyo 2020, due to run from 24 July to 9 August, is "not on the agenda", but a "scaled-down" Games is also being considered.

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe told his country's parliament on Monday that a postponement would be unavoidable if the event cannot be held in a complete way.

The opening four races of the 2020 Formula 1 season have all been cancelled
The Ferrari Formula 1 team have all gone into self-isolation since their return from the Australian Grand Prix - some in hotels paid for by the company. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+

The move is a precaution - no member of the team have so far had any symptoms of the coronavirus, Ferrari said.

Ferrari offered to put up in hotels anyone who could not return home because of their personal situation.

This could include having older family members in the house, or children, or a pregnant wife, for example.

Ferrari F1 team members who travelled to Melbourne are to be in quarantine for 14 days from the time they left the paddock in Albert Park.

It is not clear when Ferrari's F1 team will return to work, not least because the company's factories are shut down until 27 March, with no information as to the policy the company will pursue after that date.

The company made the decision to stop production in both its road-car and F1 factories in Modena and Maranello because of the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้

Meanwhile, the Agnelli family who control Fiat and Ferrari have donated 10m euros to help the fight against the coronavirus in Italy.

The money has gone to the Civil Protection Department to deal with the emergency at a national level, and the Agnellis are also buying 150 ventilators from outside Italy to treat people suffering serious symptoms, as well as supplying a fleet of cars to distribute food and medicine to patients, the elderly and other people in need of assistance across Italy.

US President Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House physician has said.

"This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative," Sean Conley said in a statement on Saturday.

Mr Trump underwent a test days after hosting a meeting at his Florida resort with a Brazilian delegation, some of whom have tested positive. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+

Fabio Wajngarten, an aide to the Brazilian president, was among those later confirmed to have the disease.

"One week after having dinner with the Brazilian delegation in Mar-a-Lago, the president remains symptom-free," Mr Conley said.

US to extend travel ban to UK and Ireland
Can the US catch up on coronavirus testing?
Mr Trump, aged 73, did not self-isolate after that meeting, saying he had no symptoms.

But after a barrage of further questions during a new conference at the White House, he said he would get tested.

He was checked on Friday, the White House physician said.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the latest developments
EASY STEPS: How to keep safe
A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms?
TRAVEL PLANS: What are your rights?
"I have been in daily contact with the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and White House Coronavirus Task Force, and we are encouraging the implementation of all their best practices for exposure reduction and transmission mitigation," Mr Conley's statement said.

Official US advice is that people who have contact with a confirmed case should stay at home for 14 days.

The US has more than 2,700 confirmed cases, with 54 deaths.

On Friday, President Trump declared a national state of emergency to release $50bn (£40bn) to fight the spread of the virus.

What about the Mar-a-Lago visit?
Mr Wajngarten, a press secretary for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, posted a photograph of himself standing close to Mr Trump.

The Brazilian official tested positive several days after that visit.

Other Brazilians in Mr Bolsonaro's entourage at Mar-a-Lago have since tested positive including lawyer Karina Kufa, Senator Nelsinho Trad and Brazil's ambassador to the US, Nestor Forster.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez - who also met Mr Wajngarten during his US trip - announced on Friday that he had been infected.

The Brazilian delegation also met Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, also present at Mar-a-Lago, has announced that he will self-quarantine "in an abundance of caution".

Media captionA doctor who became a patient describes what it's like to get tested for coronavirus
Which other politicians have been tested for the virus?
Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would enter 14 days of self-quarantine after his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, tested positive for the virus.
Speaking to reporters, the prime minister said he was taking advice from doctors and "it was explained to me that as long as I show no symptoms at all there is no value in being tested".

Manchester City make the short journey to rivals Manchester United on Sunday.

The two sides have already met three times this season with City winning in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg at Old Trafford, while United won the second leg and the Premier League game at the Etihad.
Since the Premier League began in 1992, 14 players have scored three or more goals in Manchester derbies.

How many of them do you think you can name?

You've got five minutes... good luck!

Can you name the players to score 3+ Manchester Derby goals? หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้

Led Zeppelin have triumphed in a long-running copyright dispute after a US appeals court ruled they did not steal the opening riff in Stairway To Heaven.

The British rock legends were accused in 2014 of ripping off a song called Taurus by the US band Spirit.

Taurus was written in 1968, three years before Stairway To Heaven. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+

Now, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has upheld a 2016 trial verdict that found Led Zeppelin did not copy it.

Stairway To Heaven regularly appears on lists of the greatest rock songs ever written, and the case has been one of the music industry's longest-running and closely-watched disputes.

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page, who wrote the song, could have faced a bill for millions of dollars in damages if they had lost.

The Spirit song was written by the band's guitarist guitarist Randy Wolfe, known as Randy California, who died in 1997. The case was brought by Michael Skidmore, a trustee for his estate.

Led Zeppelin and Spirit played live together after Taurus was written, and Mr Skidmore suggested Page may have written his riff after hearing Taurus live. He claimed the songs had similar chord progressions.

The case went to a high-profile trial in 2016, at which Page and Plant gave evidence. The jury rejected the claim at that time, deciding the tracks were "not intrinsically similar".
However, in 2018 the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals decided the trial judge had made a series of errors and ordered a new hearing.

On Monday, a panel of 11 judges revealed their 9-2 decision that Stairway To Heaven did not infringe the copyright of the Spirit song.

NHS officials have considered telling paramedics they must be clean shaven to protect themselves from coronavirus.

London Ambulance Service said in a draft memo - seen by the BBC - that its ability to handle potential Covid-19 cases was "adversely affected" by crews unable to wear respirators properly.

The service said staff had been asked to consider shaving but it had decided against mandating they do so for now.

The Department of Health said there was no national policy on the issue.

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust - which employs first responders across the capital - wrote in the unsent internal bulletin that "all staff in patient-facing roles must be clean shaven when on-duty".

The trust's current policy asks staff to consider shaving to ensure respirator masks fit tightly against the face.

The draft memo, issued to a group of managers on Saturday, said the service's "ability to respond to potential Covid-19 patients has been adversely affected by the low availability of crews who are successfully [tested for respiratory masks], which is partly driven by crew staff not being clean shaven".

The memo said 50 clinical staff had failed so-called "fit tests" for protective masks due to their facial hair.

The memo suggested staff with protected characteristics - such as religious beliefs or a disability - who could not clean shave would "be engaged with on a case-by-case basis and a number of alternative options have been identified to support this".
A later email to staff, seen by the BBC, said the trust had chosen to hold off iss

The Health and Safety Executive has said poor-fitting respirators can be "a major cause of leaks".

"If there are any gaps around the edges of the mask, 'dirty' air will pass through these gaps and into your lungs," it added on its website.

Last month, an NHS trust in Southampton asked frontline staff to consider shaving facial hair to ensure respirators fit properly.

And a 2017 poster published by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention showing suitable styles of facial hair for use with respirators was re-circulated online.

It was announced on Saturday that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK had risen above 200, with more than 21,000 people tested so far.

The Department of Health said it was for local NHS trusts to devise policy regarding respirators and facial hair.

Public Health England said it had no plans to issue guidance on the issue.

A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "The trust has asked clinical staff to consider shaving to undergo [respirator mask] fit testing and then remaining clean shaven to maintain compliance. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+

"We continue to adapt our response and one of the things we have considered is mandating staff to be clean shaven. However, we have not taken this step as the advice is changing quickly and we are awaiting further guidance from Public Health England in the coming days."

A US publishing house has cancelled plans to publish a memoir by Woody Allen, the award-winning film director who has been accused of sexual abuse.

Hachette Book Group (HBG) acted on Friday a day after its employees staged a walkout in New York and Boston to protest against the publication. Woody Allen book pulped after walkout at publisher

Allen's son and daughter, Ronan and Dylan Farrow, had condemned the deal. กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+

Mr Farrow, a journalist, wrote a book for HBG last year about how powerful men avoid punishment for misconduct.

Mr Farrow is Allen's son with actress Mia Farrow.

His adopted sister, Dylan Farrow, has accused Allen of sexually abusing her in 1992 when she was seven years old. He denies the claim, which was investigated at the time but led to no criminal charges.

What has the publisher said?
A statement by HBG spokeswoman Sophie Cottrell called the decision to pulp Allen's autobiography - Apropos of Nothing - "a difficult one".

"At HBG we take our relationships with authors very seriously, and do not cancel books lightly. We have published and will continue to publish many challenging books," she added.

She said that listening sessions had been held with staff members, which led the publisher to come "to the conclusion that moving forward with publication would not be feasible".

Woody Allen settles movie deal lawsuit with Amazon
The publishing house also plans to return the rights to Allen, the statement added.

The Oscar-winning director has written and directed cult classics including Annie Hall and Manhattan.

Allen lost a four-film deal with Amazon last November following comments he made about the #MeToo movement.

How did the book controversy begin?
The book rights seem to have been acquired by HBG last year, but the announcement that it would be released in April only came this week.

Dylan Farrow released a scathing statement on Monday, accusing Hachette of betraying one of their authors, her brother Ronan Farrow, whose book about the Weinstein allegations, Catch and Kill, was published by HBG in October 2019.

"Hachette's publishing of Woody Allen's memoir is deeply upsetting to me personally and an utter betrayal of my brother whose brave reporting, capitalised on by Hachette, gave voice to numerous survivors of sexual assault by powerful men," she wrote.

"This provides yet another example of the profound privilege that power, money and notoriety affords. Hachette's complicity in this should be called out for what it is and they should have to answer for it."
Mr Farrow also released a statement, accusing HBG of having concealed the book deal from him and its staff.

Barbara Martin: Original Supremes singer dies aged 76

Barbara Martin, an original member of 1960s US pop group The Supremes, has died at the age of 76.

The Detroit singer was with the group when they signed to Motown Records in 1961 and sang on most of their first album, Meet the Supremes. Barbara Martin: Original Supremes singer dies aged 76
The news of her death was confirmed by the band on their Facebook page.

"Our hearts go out to Barbara's family and friends. Once a Supreme, always a Supreme," they wrote.

Martin replaced Betty McGlown in 1960 when the quartet was still known as The Primettes and shared lead vocals on tracks including (He's) Seventeen.

Skip Youtube post by The Supremes - Topic

She left the The Supremes in 1962, while pregnant, before their major breakthrough, and was not replaced.
Bandmates Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson continued as a trio and went on to have hits like Baby Love, Stop in the Name of Love and You Can't Hurry Love.

Wilson reacted to the news of Martin's death by tweeting emojis of a broken heart and a tear drop.

The release of the new James Bond film has been put back by seven months as coronavirus continues to spread.

The producers said they had moved the release of No Time To Die from April to November after "careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace".

The announcement comes days after the founders of two 007 fan sites called on the film studios to delay its release.

It will now come out in the UK on 12 November, and in the US on 25 November.

No Time To Die, which is due to be Daniel Craig's final appearance as the British secret service agent, had been due for release on 3 April.

The world premiere had been scheduled to take place on 31 March at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

"Just one person, who may not even show symptoms, could infect the rest of the audience," wrote the founders of MI6 Confidential and The James Bond Dossier, in an open letter on Monday.

"This is not the type of publicity that anyone wants."

At present, there is no ban on concerts or large public gatherings in the UK.

However, France has called a temporary halt to all indoor events with more than 5,000 people in attendance, while Switzerland has banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people until 15 March.

'Costly move'
The last Bond film, Spectre, took almost $900m (£690m) at worldwide box offices in 2015.

Some film analysts have suggested the coronavirus could wipe $5bn (£3.8bn) off the global box office, with many of China's cinemas already closed and revenues hit in South Korea and Italy.

The news comes amid increased concerns about people gathering together, but it is the first major film to change its schedule as a result.

The Hollywood Reporter editorial director Matthew Belloni wrote that it was "a huge and very costly move, and a sign of what's likely to come with Hollywood's big summer movies".

Screen International deputy editor Louise Tutt told BBC News the decision was "about mitigating the financial risk".

She said: "I think they're doing it in anticipation of cinemas closing around the world. Most of them have already closed in China, so even if not another single cinema closed in the world they'd lose the world's second-biggest box office [market] for what's anticipated to be the biggest US release of the year."
Skip Youtube post by James Bond 007

China's most popular messaging app has been censoring key words about the coronavirus outbreak from as early as 1 January, a report has found.

Toronto-based research group Citizen Lab found that WeChat blocked combinations of keywords and criticism of President Xi Jinping.

The report also found that WeChat, owned by Chinese firm Tencent, blocked more words as the outbreak grew.

China has for years censored what its people read and say online.

But this report suggests China began censoring discussions weeks before officials began acknowledging the severity of the outbreak.
It was on 31 December that China first alerted the World Health Organization to an outbreak of a new coronavirus in the city of Wuhan.

But authorities initially withheld information from the public - under-reporting the number of people infected, downplaying the risks, and failing to provide timely information that could have saved lives.

It was only on 20 January that Chinese president Xi Jinping publicly addressed the issue of the virus, saying it had to be "resolutely contained".

It's not clear if the social media platforms blocked these keyword combinations based on government directives - or if it was done of its own accord.
However, the report suggests that it could be the result of companies "over-censoring in order to avoid official reprimands".

Authorities have confirmed more than 92,000 cases of the virus worldwide - of which more than 80,000 are in China.

The keywords censored
A report released by the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab on Tuesday looked into two Chinese social media platforms - WeChat and live-streaming site YY.

YY was found to have added 45 keywords to its blacklist on 31 December - which made references to the virus that was then unidentified.

These key words included the terms "Unknown Wuhan pneumonia" and "SARS outbreak in Wuhan".

WeChat was found to have censored 132 keyword combinations between 1 - 31 January. As the outbreak continued, WeChat censored 384 new keywords between 1 - 15 February.

These include keywords that referenced Chinese leaders - including President Xi - as well as neutral references to government policies on handling the epidemic, and responses to the outbreak in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Some examples of censored combinations are "Local authorities + Epidemic + Central (government) + Cover up" and "Wuhan + Obviously + Virus + Human-to-human transmission".

References to Dr Li Wenliang also accounted for 19 censored keyword combinations.

Dr Li Wenliang was among a group of doctors in Wuhan who issued the first warnings about the virus in late December.

He was later told by police to stop making "false comments". Dr Li later contracted the virus himself and died of the disease aged 33.

Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor
The Chinese doctor who tried to warn about coronavirus
The report adds that it is possible that WeChat has unblocked keywords as the outbreak continues to develop. YY is known to have unblocked certain keywords.

It is not clear what keywords, if any, continue to be censored on these platforms.

The report adds that censorship in China works through a system of "self-discipline" where companies are held liable for content on their platforms.

The censorship is particularly damaging because WeChat is such a central part of many people's lives in China - it is, in effect, WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Pay and more, rolled into one.

App users are able to book flights, hail taxis and even transfer money - all on WeChat alone. And it's not used by individuals alone - government authorities often also release official statements on the app.

Censorship is pervasive in China. Sites such as Google and Wikipedia are banned - and it's not uncommon for social media companies in China to remove content that is perceived to be threatening to social stability or the ruling Communist Party.

Costs are growing for parents in Japan and Hong Kong with schools shut until April because of the coronavirus.

Schools are facing pressure to refund fees as children are forced to stay at home.

On Thursday, Japan joined Hong Kong in shutting schools in a stepped-up effort to stem the spread of the virus.

Schools in Japan are shut until 8th April while in Hong Kong they will remain closed until at least 20th April.
Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe made the call on shutting schools after a meeting of the country's antivirus task force on Thursday. He said the next two weeks are critical to control the spread of the virus and "stem the risk of many children and teachers becoming infected through gathering for long hours every day."

Parents on social media criticised the decision as one that could keep wage earners at home. But the government said it would work with companies.

"We will continue to urge public services and private companies to make it easier for people to take time off," Japan's chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference on Friday.

Offices and businesses in both Hong Kong and Japan have asked many employees to work from home. But parents have found working from home and balancing online classes for their children difficult.

Singapore and South Korea have so far kept schools open, using extensive screening, checking temperatures and requiring parents to test children at home.
One Hong Kong-based expatriate mother of two girls, ages 3 and 7, told the BBC she decided to extend a holiday in her home country of Japan and try home schooling because of the school closures in Hong Kong. But her husband was denied a request to work from home in Japan and remained in Hong Kong.

"Hence the kids have been apart from their father for 1.5 months now," she said.

But with Japan schools now closed, it's likely she will head back to Hong Kong.

"What a surprise decision from the Japanese government," she said. "We've decided to go back to HK next week. Since there is no school, it does not really make sense to stay in Japan while being a part from my husband." But returning to Hong Kong has raised concerns of a possible quarantine period of 14 days.

The financial hit has been hard as the international school her 7-year-old attends in Hong Kong has not refunded tuition fees, while the pre-nursery attended by her 3-year-old has also denied her a refund. However, a bus service has refunded 25% of her transport fees.

"We had to pay many activities outside school. Most of them gave credits or offered make up classes, but it's not realistic to consume all missed class make-ups given the amount of missed classes. It's very frustrating."

Tuition and fees for the American School Hong Kong start at HK$168,000 (£16,700) for grades 1 to 4 and rises steadily through the grades. The Hong Kong International School starts in primary ages at HK$220,600 and rises to HK$252,200 for grade 12.

The British Kellett school starts at HK$172,600 in primary and runs to HK$220,800 for senior school.

The Hong Kong government on Wednesday in its budget said all residents would receive a one-time HK$10,000 payment to cushion the hit to the economy from the virus containment measures.

Hong Kong's private and state schools are offering online lessons or emailed lesson worksheets, according to Ruth Benny who runs education consultancy topschools (HK).
Mrs Benny has taken her senior school daughter from Hong Kong to London to prepare for university admission tests, which are only scheduled at certain times of the year.

"It was not something we did lightly, but the school year has already been

General Discussion / Family plea for return of son's stolen ashes in Cyprus
« on: December 29, 2019, 12:44:59 am »
A couple has begged thieves to return an urn containing their teenage son's ashes after it was stolen from the back of their car on the coast of Cyprus. เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด2020

Kinga and Bartek Bebnarz's son Dennis, 19, died in Sweden in the summer. They wanted to scatter his ashes somewhere "warm and beautiful". คาสิโนออนไลน์

His remains were enclosed in a wooden box which was inside a black backpack.
The car was raided as the couple ate in a restaurant. They planned to scatter Dennis's ashes in the sea nearby.

General Discussion / Japan MP arrested on suspicion of taking casino bribe
« on: December 25, 2019, 07:38:00 am »
A lawmaker from Japan's governing party has been arrested on suspicion of receiving 3.7m yen ($34,000) in bribes from a gambling operator.

As a member of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet until October, Tsukasa Akimoto oversaw the government's plan to introduce casinos.
The 48-year-old denies wrongdoing and says he never extended any favours.

But correspondents say his arrest could complicate Mr Abe's controversial policy on casinos.
Mr Akimoto is accused of receiving money from three employees of an unnamed gambling operator seeking help for a casino bid, prosecutors say.

The three employees were also detained on Wednesday, prosecutors said.

Hours after the arrests, Japanese media said the offices of another lawmaker from Mr Abe's Liberal Democratic Party, Takaki Shirasuka, had been searched as part of the same investigation.

The government regards the opening of casinos as a way to boost Japan's flagging economy.
In 2016, after years of fractious debate, parliament voted to allow casinos to operate within hotel and conference facilities. However, no casino licences have so far been issued.

Gambling has a seedy image in Japan, and opinion polls have suggested that most people there remain opposed to the opening of casinos. 12BET

General Discussion / Banksy 'nativity scene' appears in Bethlehem hotel
« on: December 22, 2019, 01:18:31 am »
A manger scene by British artist Banksy has appeared at a hotel in Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Dubbed the "Scar of Bethlehem", the work shows Jesus's manger by Israel's separation barrier, which appears to have been pierced by a blast, creating the shape of a star.

On Instagram, the artist said the work was a "modified Nativity". เว็บแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด
Israel says the barrier is needed to prevent terror attacks. Palestinians say it is a device to grab land.
The International Court of Justice has called it illegal.

In pictures: Banksy hotel by Israel's West Bank wall
Banksy holds Balfour Declaration 'apology' party
Banksy's work is in Bethlehem's Walled Off hotel, which is itself a collaboration between the hotel's owners and the artist.

Hotel manager Wissam Salsaa said Banksy had used the Christmas story to show how Palestinians in the West Bank were living.

"It is a great way to bring up the story of Bethlehem, the Christmas story, in a different way - to make people think more," he said.

The scene shows the words "love" and "peace" as graffiti on the barrier in English and French. There are also three large wrapped presents in the scene.

"Banksy is trying to be a voice for those that cannot speak," Mr Salsaa added.

All the rooms in the Walled Off hotel overlook a concrete section of the controversial West Bank barrier.

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March 14, 2020, 11:42:05 pm

มิเกล อาร์เตตา (Mikel Arteta) ผู้จัดการทีมวัย 37 ปี ถูก&# by hotheart2540
March 13, 2020, 11:19:08 pm