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Twenty American troops died in Afghanistan in 2019, but the
New York Times said it was not clear which deaths were under
suspicion. The officials quoted by the New York Times
said the White House's National Security Council had considered
how to respond, including imposing an escalating raft of
sanctions against Russia. The GRU unit allegedly involved has
also been linked to the attempted murder of former
Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter
Yulia with a nerve agent in Salisbury, England, in March 2018.
Media captionIs peace with the Taliban possible?
A spokesman for the Taliban also called the accusations baseless.
"Our target killings and assassinations were ongoing in years
before, and we did it on our own resources," Zabihullah Mujahid
told the New York Times. He added that the Taliban had stopped
attacking US and Nato forces after they agreed in February to
a phased troop withdrawal and to lift sanctions. In return,
the Taliban said they would not allow extremist groups to operate
in areas they control.
Russia has rejected as "baseless" accusations that
it offered Taliban-linked militants rewards to kill
US and other Nato troops in Afghanistan. The New York
Times and Washington Post cited US officials as saying
a Russian military intelligence unit linked to
assassination attempts in Europe had offered the alleged
bounties last year. The Russian embassy in the US
said the claims had led to threats to diplomats. The
Taliban also denied there was any such deal with Russian
intelligence. The reports come as the US attempts

the reported figure. What was said at the White House
briefing? Dr Deborah Birx, coronavirus response
coordinator, thanked younger Americans for heeding official
guidance on testing. "Whereas before we told them to stay
home now we are telling them to get tested. She noted this
great change" in testing guidance would allow officials to
find "the asymptomatic and mild diseases that we couldn't
find before Dr Deborah Birx urged young people to get tested
Following Dr Birx's presentation of the recent data, Dr Fauci
said: "As you can see we are facing a serious problem in certain
areas. He added: "So what goes on in one area of the country
ultimately could have an affect on other areas.Dr Fauci said the
current rises were due to everything from regions "maybe
opening a little bit too early", to opening at a reasonable
time "but not actually following steps in an orderly fashion"
to the citizens themselves not following guidance.
"People are infecting other people, and then ultimately you
will infect someone who's vulnerable," he said.
"You have an individual responsibility to yourself, but
you have a societal responsibility because if we want to
end this outbreak, really end it... we've got to realise
that we are part of the process. Dr Fauci added that
if the spread was not stopped, eventually even the parts
of the country doing well now would be affected
The vice-president, meanwhile, praised the nation's
headway in handling the pandemic, noting "extraordinary

and Wyoming, have all seen record daily increases in the number
of confirmed cases this week. Media captionDr Fauci on
Tuesday: 'We're now seeing a disturbing surge of infections'
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have said they will ask people
travelling from eight states - Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona,
Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah - to go
into self-isolation for 14 days. California also reported a
record number of new cases this week, with 7,149 confirmed
on Wednesday. Governor Gavin Newsom said the state had
carried out more than a million tests over the past two
weeks, with about 5% coming back positive. Mr Newsom has
made wearing a face mask mandatory in public
US infectious disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci says
the nation has a "serious problem" as 16 states
reel from a spike in Covid-19 cases. At the first
White House task force briefing in two months, Dr
Fauci said: The only way we're going to end it is
by ending it together.  As health experts said
more must be done to slow the
spread, Vice-President Mike Pence praised US progress.
More than 40,000 new cases were recorded across the US
on Friday The total of 40,173, given by Johns Hopkins
University, was the highest daily total so far, exceeding
the record set only the previous day. There are over
2.4 million confirmed infections and more than 125,000
deaths nationwide - more than any other country.
During Friday's briefing, the White House task force also

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have asked
people travelling from states where Covid-19 cases
are rising to go into self-isolation for 14 days
New Jersey's Phil Murphy said people in the three
states had been through hell and back and did not
want "another round of virus infections Some southern
and western states have been reporting record numbers of cases
The University of Washington predicts 180,000 US deaths
by October - or 146,000 if 95% of Americans wear masks
So far, the US has recorded more than 2.3 million cases
of the virus and more than 121,000 deaths
Health officials say the coming weeks will be crucial to
stem the outbreaks Is the US testing more people than
anywhere else? Is the pandemic getting worse in the US?
The people battling America's worst coronavirus outbreak
On Tuesday America's top infectious disease expert Dr
Anthony Fauci told lawmakers there was a disturbing surge
of infection and increased community spread in many
southern and western states He told Americans to take social
distancing measures saying: Plan A don't go in a crowd Plan
B, if you do make sure you wear a mask Which states are
subject to the quarantine? Currently those states are
Alabama Arkansas Arizona Florida North Carolina South
Carolina Texas and Utah the governor of New York state
Andrew Cuomo told reporters

Texas has seen increasing numbers of people admitted to
hospital and a children's hospital in Houston has begun
admitting adult virus patients Texas Children's Hospital
urged the public to "take responsible actions - practice
appropriate social distancing, wear a mask or face
covering anytime you leave your home" Both Texas and
Arizona were among those states that removed coronavirus
restrictions early. Texas has temporarily revoked alcohol
licences from several businesses that were breaking social
distancing rules. On Tuesday the governor of Washington
state, Jay Inslee, ordered all residents to wear face
masks in public after confirmed infections rose by more
than a third the previous week "This is about saving lives.
It's about reopening our businesses. And it's about
showing respect and care for one another," Mr Inslee
said. Several US states and cities have instructed
residents to wear face coverings South Carolina, Utah,
Mississippi and Louisiana have also seen a surge in caseload
and some governors have said they may be forced to announce
new lockdown measures The European Union is reportedly
considering banning US citizens from entering the bloc
as it considers how to reopen its external borders
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have asked
people travelling from states where Covid-19 cases
are rising to go into self-isolation for 14 days
New Jersey's Phil Murphy said people in the three
states had been through hell and back and did not

It may be surprising that the US would even have bases named
after officers who led armies against US soldiers, but such are
the contradictions that remain more than 150 years after the
Civil War's conclusion Some still view those generals as
heroes to a lost cause. That hasn't stopped local and state
governments from taking down their statues, however as a slow
reckoning with the legacy of the Confederacy is spread to even
the deepest portions of the South The president however
seems unyielding. He has supported what he calls the "beautiful"
statues, and he's willing to lean into a fight to keep their
names on government facilities. Even at a time when the American
public is reconsidering race relations in the nation the
president has decided this a fight worth having
Who else wants rid of the Confederate symbols?
The death last month of George Floyd, an unarmed black man
after a policeman knelt on his neck in Minneapolis Minnesota
has reopened America's long-festering racial wounds
On Wednesday, Nascar - a league in which both drivers and
fans are overwhelmingly white - announced that it would
ban the flying of Confederate flags at its races and other
events Nascar driver Bubba Wallace wears a Black
Lives Matter shirt at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on 7 June
On Wednesday, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi
called for Confederate monuments in the US Capitol building in
Washington DC to be removed. Monuments to men who advocated
cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a
grotesque affront to these ideals said the California Democrat
in a statement. Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage

has reopened America's long-festering racial wounds
On Wednesday, Nascar - a league in which both drivers and
fans are overwhelmingly white - announced that it would
ban the flying of Confederate flags at its races and other
events Nascar driver Bubba Wallace wears a Black
Lives Matter shirt at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on 7 June
On Wednesday, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi
called for Confederate monuments in the US Capitol building in
Washington DC to be removed. Monuments to men who advocated
cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a
grotesque affront to these ideals said the California Democrat
in a statement. Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage
They should be removed Each US state gets to pick two statues
to send to the Capitol complex where the Senate
and House are situated Many of the Confederate figures have been
moved to less central locations in the building in recent years
though some lawmakers have argued these statues should be removed altogether
US President Donald Trump says he will "not even consider"
renaming military bases named for Confederate generals
He tweeted that the facilities were part of "a Great American
heritage" Mr Trump's remarks follow reports that top military
officials were open to changes amid nationwide  soul-searching
after the death of George Floyd For many, symbols of the
Confederacy - the slaveholding southern
states that seceded prompting the 1861-65 American Civil War -
evoke a racist past The stories behind the statues targeted
in protests Thousands demand Cecil Rhodes statue removal

and learn to complete puppet lessons. But he still can't
go home because he lied at home to say that he has funded
scholarship to study in Japan for 1 year. He returned to
Thailand and spent the remaining 275 days by going to live
with relatives in other provinces to work. Little to find
income so as not to be a burden Until the time limit had
been told to Mother So go home and come back to study
I went back to graduate with a bachelor's degree During
that time, I was subjected to various cynicism some said
that I was a haphazard person. Some people say that people
like me have no way to grow. There is no way forward
Thammarat said that After graduation, he couldn't find a
job But don't want to go back to do a longan garden at
home Therefore decided to open a cartoon rental store
along with secretly rehearsing the puppet at the back of
the shop It was then that he named his lover "Sompong"
Opportunities that don't come with success Thammarat wrote
a letter sent to various television programs to find
opportunities for himself to bring the Sompong puppet to
perform. But there is no any item to contact you back But
he did not spare the effort Until the show "Hit Ten", a
famous variety show of that era, agreed to let him go on the show
Thammarat took a picture with the famous Witthorn
Soonthornwinter When going out on the show hit ten
At that time, for me, it was like releasing all the

States. Out of 400 competitors, it makes him think he
is the best But this became a barrier to product development
One day, Notudom watched one of Thammarat's performances.
And aware of the unnatural nature of his performance
Ton Eng, have you not been thinking for a long time
yet?' Is the first question that Nos asked me And I'm
 shocked why you know that I can't think of a joke
Nos said one word, 'Ego looks a lot unnatural. Good
jokes have to be natural I kept thinking back. Have
been thinking for a long time Finally I decided to
stop playing puppets Thamarat TV programs After
winning the 4th place in the world in the speech
puppet contest in the United States
From puppets to coffee Stop to move forward
After deciding to stop playing puppets Thammarat said
that The only thing that came to mind at that time was
the opening of a coffee shop. But since he has no
knowledge and experience in running a coffee shop before
This business is therefore not easy for him. Both
choose the method of brewing coffee that is not
suitable Until customers say "not tasty"
Thammarat and his coffee shop But once again,
he had not tried Fortunately, the great-grandmother
of his Japanese wife had the knowledge of making traditional
Japanese coffee by using a moka pot, which makes his coffee

the crisis brought change People come together
to try to make life better Kovid-19: How
the world economy will recover after the new
strain of the corona virus The World Bank
estimates that Covid-19 poisoning May drag the
Thai economy down as much as 2 in Asia-Pacific
How will the Thai economy go in the first quarter
after the Covid-19 virus? Do a good job
Caption Sergio, who works as a driver
is unemployed. And turned to make a garbage
collection career in the streets of Buenos Aires
instead After the economic recession More
and more people turn to waste collection And
now he is the head of a large garbage collection
cooperative One of the most in the country
He also went to help with a charity kitchen in
the south of Buenos Aires 3 times a week. In
which he acts as the head of a volunteer helping
the food to distribute to the needy At the beginning
there were an average of 500-600 people a day Last
year there were 1,200 people. That's astounding
But now we try to help between 3,000 - 6,000 people
per day Covid-19 and the economic crisis Go back when
the spread of a new type of coronary virus in Europe
is getting worse. Argentina authorities announce rapid

in the last 2-3 weeks I don't think I'm hungry again Or
unable to support many of my daughters said Mira
Leydezma 36, she meant the economic crisis in 2001
Yes I don't have much money. But at least there is
enough. "Mira spoke of the sewing work she was doing
And with inflation rising by about 50 percent now She
is afraid that this crisis will make everything worse
Like during a war Gonzalo Alfrete Pesta and
Florencia Barriano Spaz, the husband and wife owner
of the Santa Avita restaurant in Palermo, the modern
district of Buenos Aires, say that they currently
Making only 1 in 5 income from what they used to have
they have to turn to make food at home instead
Right now like we are at war. We must be careful of
everything. If one of our employees is sick We have
to close the shop again. If we have to close the
shop again We will not survive. "Gonzalo, who was
working on Epanadas Or Spanish pies that resemble
Thai curries Gonzalo says that restaurants
make only 20 percent of their normal income
Nonetheless Florencia still feels hope
We Argentineans are used to being attacked We used
to be very poor. And then come to develop survival
strategies Especially the economy However Prof
Stiglitz says that negotiations on debt restructuring
are very important to Argentina's economy In the

10 Dec King And the Queen gave a sword and a
diploma to graduates from Chulachomklao Royal
Academy Naval Academy Royal Thai Air Force Academy
Nawaminthasatiyathirat Phramongkutklao College
of Medicine And foreign military educational institutions
January 2020 18 Jan His Majesty the King
And Her Royal Highness the Queen in a royal
helicopter to proceed in a military parade in
honor of the police-officers In the coronation
of the coronation B.E 2562 at the Equestrian
Center at Adisorn Camp Muang District Saraburi
This parade of solemn oath of the military-police
For the first time in over 20 years and for the
first time in the reign of King Rama 10
King Rama 10 - The Queen attended the military-police
parade ceremony February 2020
8 Feb, King's And Her Majesty the Queen along
with Her Royal Highness Prince Patchara Kitiyapa
And Her Royal Highness Prince Siriwanaree Wareerat
His Majesty performed a sign offering ceremony
Due to the Chinese New Year In the evening, His
Majesty the King and Queen proceeded to perform
merit-making on the Makha Bucha Day at the Ubosot
of the Emerald Buddha Temple. Grand Palace
March 2020 9 March King's And Her Majesty the
Queen proceeded with Her Royal Highness Princess
Bajrakitiyabha And Her Royal Highness Prince
Siriwanaree Wareerat Went to change the winter
robes to the summer robes for the Buddha Maha

Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha. Her Royal
Highness Prince Siriwannawari And His Highness Prince
Thipangkornrassamechot To the royal ceremony on
28 July at the Amarintharajidakhom Throne Hall Grand Palace
August 2019 1 August marks the first time
that Thai people have listened to the Queen's
speech at the Thai Women's Day of the Year 2019.
Towards sustainable women development "at the
Impact Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang
Thong Thani
Royal speech on Thai Women's Day
In a royal speech about 2 minutes in length Queen
Sutida Said at one point that I have the determination
to satisfy royal grace His Majesty's benevolence in
the continuation preservation and extension of the
Queen's wishes The queen Royal Millennium Royal Like
the King said Established His Majesty the King's
desire to carry on preserve, and expand and expand
the prestige of His Majesty the King And His
Majesty the King "and" I am proud to be born as
a Thai woman Important roles and duties that
Thai women have in family institutions As well as
broadcast Preaching to be a good Thai woman to
the children and grandchildren is an important
foundation for the security of the family

laws Anyone who violates the curfew must be arrested
Detained and prosecuted to the utmost
The offender will be punished with criminal offenses
and imprisoned for many years US President Said by
referring to the Antipha group President Donald

Trump leaves the press conference in the White House
with a group of followers No one was wearing a mask
to prevent the spread of the covid-19 Except Yvonne
Trump his only daughter wearing a mask
While making this statement I have sent thousands

of armed soldiers and law enforcement officers out to
suppress the riot Shop robbery Destruction of
belongings and property damage Our country
must win Healing not hate Justice is  not chaos
This is our mission and this mission must be hundred
percent successful We will always win our country

Trump said If harm and violence are the winning
side No one will be happy He said and concluded
that The best days of America are coming soon
Not far from the Rose Garden which the president
trump said to the public Police are pushing a group

of protesters out of the area After the
announcement is complete Trump said that he is
going to pay homage to the holy place Then walked
from the White House to St. John's Church and stood
holding the Bible for the media to photograph the
front of the church

for the Minister to The Ministry of Education
considers that some schools open earlier on a
case-by-case basis if they are not at risk of an
outbreak and are needed, such as schools in remote
areas. Fewer students and personnel And preventive
measures are set up, such as time attendance, etc
In addition, the OECD also has allowed the
vocational and sports school to return to
teach. For schools that are closed, you can
use facilities for examinations or arrang
short-term training courses How dangerous
is Covid-19's disease to children? Children
are at a very low risk of becoming ill from the
new corona virus. In contrast to adults who are
prone to serious illness and complications of death
Throughout the United Kingdom Death from Covid-19
In children under 15, representing 0.01 percent
for people aged 15-44 years, accounting for 1
percent, and people over 75 years of age accounting
for around 75 percent Research by a charitable
organization states that up to May 15, half of
 the patients of Covid-19 Who have to attend the
intensive care unit in England, Wales and Northern
Ireland are patients aged 60 and over and the
other half are younger But overall Most

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