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Hanging over their heads, though, is the recent revelation that hundreds of other students before them were victim to an identity theft scandal which saw them robbed of their results. For Chen Chunxiu, it was an exam that could change everything. Doing well in the Gaokao meant the farmer's daughter had a shot of getting into her dream university. Failing meant it would remain just that - a dream.
But 16 years later, she found to her shock that she had, in fact, earned a place at the Shandong University of Technology - and enrolled there.But it hadn't been her. Her score - and in fact, her entire identity - was stolen by a girl whose relatives had pulled strings to make this happen.

The notoriously hard Gaokao - or "high school exam" - tests school leavers on their Chinese, maths, English and another subject of their choice. บ้านผลบอล7m
But now the communities are separated by a police
checkpoint and residents need a permit to cross it.
Families have been separated and businesses are
struggling as a result. This new lockdown measure
could last "weeks not days".
Watch our report below.
The coronavirus took hold slowly in India, but the
country now has the world's third highest number
of infections, behind Brazil and the US.
But although confirmed cases are rising sharply, as
more tests are carried out, deaths are not rising
as quickly.
India has just over 20,000 Covid-19 linked deaths.
That, for example, is less than half the UK's
total, even though India has had almost three
times as many cases.
For more visual data on India's outbreak,
click here.
What are the new rules in Melbourne?
Residents can leave their home for four reasons:
To study or work, if it is not possible to do so from home
To exercise
To shop for essentials
To give or receive care or medical assistance
Gyms, swimming pools, beauty salons and cinemas are
among the venues to close. Some pupils will return to
school as planned next week, but others will be
delayed by a week.
Restaurants and cafes are closed, but can offer
takeaway food and drinks.
Police to guard NZ isolation after escapes
New Zealand has announced there will be a permanent
police presence at every isolation and quarantine facility.
It comes after a 32-year-old man was found to have
left isolation to visit a supermarket in central
He had reportedly escaped through a fence section
which was being replaced.
A woman previously escaped by climbing over a fence
- she was found nearby around two hours later.
Megan Woods, the minister in charged of managed
isolation facilities, said: "Anyone who chooses to
break out of these facilities is committing a reckless
act of selfishness and we will come down on them with
the full weight of the law."
Another record tally in the United States
There was another daily record of infections in the
US on Wednesday, according to tallies from Reuters
and the New York Times.
Reuters said more than 60,000 cases were confirmed,
as a number of states deal with a surge in infections.
President Trump says the cases are a reflection of
mass testing, and the death rate - which is down on
the mid-April peak - is a better reflection of how
the country is coping.
Some 150 writers, academics and activists - including authors JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood - have signed an open letter denouncing the "restriction of debate".

They ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ say they applaud a recent "needed reckoning" on racial justice, but argue it has fuelled stifling of open debate.

The letter denounces "a vogue for public shaming and ostracism" and "a blinding moral certainty".

Several signatories have been attacked for comments that caused offence.

"The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted," says the letter.

US intellectual Noam Chomsky, eminent feminist Gloria Steinem, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and author Malcolm Gladwell also put their names to the letter, which was published on Tuesday in Harper's Magazine.

The appearance of Harry Potter บ้านผลบอล7m author Rowling's name among signatories comes after she recently found herself under attack online for comments that offended transgender people.

Her fellow British writer, Martin Amis, also signed the letter.

What unites young people against Obama and Trump
It also says: "We uphold the value of robust and even caustic counter-speech from all quarters.
But for 3,000 people living in public housing tower blocks, an even stricter lockdown was imposed on Saturday.
Unlike other Melburnians, residents of the nine towers cannot leave for any reason - they are subject to a police guard.
It's the toughest lockdown seen in Australia เช็คผลบอลสด  so far. The "detention directions" in suburbs of Flemington and North Melbourne

are designed to contain a cluster of infections found in some of the buildings. Hundreds of police were sent to the sites immediately after the order was announced live on TV by Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews.
Many residents were caught บ้านผลบอล7m  unaware. When they tried to leave the building, they were stopped.

 Brazil's President Charlie Jarzaro was found
to be infected ผลบอล7m

 with a corona virus. After the
4th visit on  Monday after a high fever And many
other symptoms similar to Covid-19 disease
Previously, Mr Bolzano did not accept the
seriousness of the new strain of the corona

 virus. And calling it just a "little flu"
only. He states that Covid-19 will not have
a severe impact on him He also called on the
regional governor ดูผลบอลสด7m to relax the closing of the
city. Which he saw that Also have serious economic
consequences And on Monday, he also relaxed the rules

 of wearing masks The Covid Crisis-19 How did
Brazil become a political game? The United States
and Brazil, two countries with more than 3 million
cases of Covid-19 Asian Covid-19's epidemic disease
in the United States Bolsonaro revealed the infection
in a television interview on Tuesday. He said his fever

 had subsided and he felt "fine." The Brazilian
president stated that he had symptoms on Sunday
He has a high fever and does not feel well He said
on Monday that He feels worse Causing him to be tested
for a corona virus Brazilian president Appearing in public

 and receptions often Without a mask Although
many jobs have regulations to put Last sunday
Bolzaroro's government minister joins the American
National Day celebration at the US Embassy. In all
images, no one is wearing a mask When the birthday
party kills three siblings from Covid-19

 The amazons are in danger, both logging, fires
and viruses Presidential Phrases for Coronary Virus
"As I have seen There are other flu types that kill
more people than the virus. "(New species of Corona)
(11 Mar) Since we are a tropical country Today we have
information that We are nearing the end of this epidemic
 It's almost over The virus does not spread
quickly in warm countries like us. "(18 Mar)
After being pierced There is no way that I will
fall down with a little cold. "(20 Mar)
General Discussion / Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data 'pause'
« Last post by wiraphon on July 07, 2020, 06:58:28 am »
Microsoft and Zoom have said they will not process data requests made by the Hong Kong authorities while they take stock of a new security law.

They follow Facebook, บ้านผลบอล7m Google, Twitter and the chat app Telegram, which had already announced similar "pauses" in compliance over the past two days.

China passed the law on 30 June, criminalising acts that support independence, making it easier to punish protesters.

Apple says it is "assessing" the rules.

If the tech firms make their non-compliance policies permanent, they could face restrictions or a ban on their services in the semi-autonomous region.

And while Facebook, Google, Twitter and Telegram's services are blocked in mainland China, the same is not true of Microsoft, Zoom and Apple.

In a related development, TikTok - which is owned by the Chinese firm Bytedance - has said it plans to exit Hong Kong within days.

The business had previously said it would not comply with Chinese government requests to access TikTok users' data. It operates a similar service called Douyin in its home market, which could theoretically become a substitute. However, Bytedance has indicated it does not have plans to do so at this time. 'Seeking guidance'
Microsoft directly offers its Office 365 work app and LinkedIn social networks to both Hong Kong residents and citizens in mainland China.

But while Office 365 is provided directly by the firm to Hong Kong residents, the service is run by a local firm 21Vianet on the other side of the border, allowing Microsoft to remain one step removed.

In the case of LinkedIn, law enforcement data requests have to go via the US government, although the division says it does sometimes "make an exception in an emergency".

According to Microsoft's latest transparency report, it received requests for data linked to 81 accounts from Hong Kong's government between July and December 2019, and provided "non-content data" in most cases.

"As we would with any new legislation, we ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ are reviewing the new law to understand its implications," said a spokesman for the American firm.

"In the past, we've typically received only a relatively small number of requests from Hong Kong authorities, but we are pausing our responses to these requests as we conduct our review."
General Discussion / My 'terrifying' run-in with Donald Trump's Twitter
« Last post by wiraphon on July 07, 2020, 06:53:49 am »
"It was really dark.

"It was truly บ้านผลบอล7m just one of the darkest moments of my life."

When Lauren was 18 she went to a campaign event in her home state of New Hampshire.

It was October 2015 - towards the beginning of the presidential election cycle - and she was fascinated by politics.

She'd had the chance to meet many of the people running, from Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Republicans like Marco Rubio. She'd even volunteered for a while with the Jeb Bush campaign - one of Donald Trump's Republican political rivals - as a chance to learn more about the political process.

At the event, Lauren - who now considers herself to be more left-wing - was especially looking forward to asking Trump about his record on women.

"Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think you're a friend to women," she said to the candidate in front of a boisterous audience.

"I respect women incredibly," the candidate replied. "I have had women working for me inů so many different jobs.

"I have a daughter named Ivanka and a wife named Melania who constantly want me to talk about women's health issues because they know how I feel about it. And they know how I feel about women.

"I respect women. I love women. I cherish women."

Lauren took the mic again and added: "I want to get paid the same as a man and I think you understand that.

"So if you become president will a woman make the same as a man and do I get to choose what I do with my body?"

"You're gonna make the same if you do as good a job," Trump said. "And I happen to be pro-life."

After the exchange, Lauren felt like she'd achieved her goal - and then didn't think much more about it.

"I had asked questions of candidates in the past and so I just didn't think this was anything out of the normal," she says. "I just thought it was another day."

However, the back-and-forth ผลบอลเรียลไทม์ ended up getting a lot of attention in the media and online. The next day, candidate Trump tweeted about her.
 Suspension of

  sales of Thai coconut products
from leading retail chains in the United Kingdom
following allegations of "torture of monkeys" in
the Thai coconut industry. Is the latest example
that reflects the alertness of citizens in the United
Kingdom. And other Western nations in animal welfare

 environment and human rights The British are very
alert about global warming. How to reduce the destruction
of the environmen ผลบอล7m
 t Reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere
reduce waste, reduce plastic use Reduce unnecessary encroachment
on animals Many young people choose to consume vegetable food. No
meat and dairy products are strictly forbidden, which is called

  vegan people" because the view that raising
large animals to consume meat and milk is destroying
the earth's atmosphere. Combined with health and morality
reasons Vegetarianism: British people eat less mea Want
to help reduce global warming United Nations recommends
reducing meat Eat more vegetables
 How to help reduce global warming As for the
people who still eat meat Consider the welfare
of animals from raising up to slaughtering Susta
inability to the environment Including the welfare
and welfare of the people in the whole production
process From fishermen, fishermen, shrimp workers

 to the company's employees, they must be treated
legally Why does the United States disqualify Thai GSP?
Pravit says "Thailand is the best in Asia" after the United
States raises the anti-human trafficking status Hundreds of
forced labor" in Thailand will be protected under the new law
Coconut milk, fresh coconut water and coconut oil Is a popular
food among meat eaters or vegan people. And those who love health

 as well as plant products Which is very nutritious
and used as a milk substitution product from time to time
When food that is seen as "clean" does not encroach on animal
life Have been accused of "torture of animals" has become a big
news Public-private denial Thailand forced monkey labor to collect
coconuts How much food do you consume affect the environment?
 Researchers reveal that in 16 years, 100,000 orangutans
have been killed Celebrities and large choirs As soon
as the animal protection group "Peta" accused the Thai
coconut industry on 3 July and called on British supermarkets
to cancel the sale of processed coconut products imported from
Thailand with Identify the brand names of coconut water and coconut

 oil. Ms. Carrie Simon, fiance of British Prime
Minister Boris Johnson Who is a conservationist
Tweets support this claim. Including celebrities
in many circles and Lord Sack Gold Smith, the Minister
of Environment in the government, Mr Johnson is also
signing to petition.

A few hours later, Tesco, the UK's largest
retailer, told the BBC that "Our coconut milk
and coconut water brands do not use monkey labor
in the production process. And we do not sell the
brands specified by Peta Sense Berry The market no
2 told the BBC that they were investigating the products

 they were selling. And searched the supplier
for us on this complex issue Reuters also reported
that Wal-Mart, the US retail giant. Which is the owner
of Asda supermarket, which holds the 3rd largest market
share in the United Kingdom Have brought good tasty brand
products and Chaokoh Temporarily out of sale during the

 investigation of the said case with the supplier
manufacturer of the product Palm oil and orangutan
Before Thailand became the "defendant" about a monkey
collecting coconuts. The palm oil industry in Indonesia
is also a "culprit" in the eyes of conservatives Palm oil
is a product that British people look with bad eyesight.
argue it provides a more cost-effective, efficient
means of transporting crude, rather than shipping
barrels by train.
But the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters argued
the project - which passed just north of the tribe's
reservation - would contaminate drinking water and damage
sacred burial sites.
Read more: The Dakota Pipeline dispute
What did the judge say?
Federal judge James E. Boasberg, sitting at the District
Court for the District of Columbia, ruled that the
construction of the pipeline had fallen short of
environmental standards.
It therefore needed to undergo a more thorough environmental
review than had been conducted by the US Army Corps of
Engineers before it could be allowed to continue working,
he said. The process is expected to take 13 months,
according to the Financial Times.
Media captionNine arrests were made after some demonstrators
failed to leave the camp before the deadline
"Given the seriousness of the Corps' Nepa
(National Environmental Policy Act) error, the impossibility
of a simple fix, the fact that Dakota Access did assume
much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential
harm each day the pipeline operates, the Court is forced
to conclude that the flow of oil must cease," Judge
Boasberg's ruling concluded.
What has the response been?
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